How I'm Becoming A More Supportive Blogger

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Despite the negativity it can attract, the online world can be a highly positive and inspirational one what with so many different voices doing good things for their audience(s). Something I'm passionate about but a little nervous to do is wax lyrical about the stunning content that can come from the internet, there are so many talented folks, why not pass on their message forward when it doesn't take a lot to do so. I'm always trying to keep those good vibes going even in the most subtle of ways. Here's how I'm trying to grow as a supportive fellow creative, what about you? How do you pass on the love?


L I K E   &   C O M M E N T   O N   I N S T A G R A M

Who doesn't love Instagram? You may feel 'creators anxiety' with your own feed but there are countless amazing images, inspirational communities and strong personalities to fall in love with. The infinite scroll and non-chronological algorithm make it easy to keep on going without any meaningful interaction however there will be some images that stop your scrolling for just a moment (even if for a second). There may not be many images that you physically stop and 'Like' but for me I've been making a concerned effort to comment on why I felt an affinity to said photograph. Not only does it help both our statistics (for us cynical folks) but more importantly it starts a positive conversation and highlights the good work another artist is doing. Even 1 more like or comment may give this person a wider audience and happy thoughts.


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P O S T S   D E D I C A T E D   T O   

O T H E R   C R E A T I V E S

If you've read my past blog post called LOVES FROM THE ONLINE WORLD, you might be aware that occasionally I like to highlight content that has really resonated with me for whatever reason. Not only does it broadcast the good out there to other folks who may appreciate a possible new read but I think it's good practice to spread the love as it adds a bit more happiness to the day.


L I S T E N   T O   P O D C A S T S

Of late I've been really attempting to switch up my productivity routines and that includes what I listen to, if you're like me you can't sit in silence whilst doing your work - you need the illusion of company and distraction. Usually for me it's some kind of trashy telly that doesn't require a lot of brain power or consistent listening but the eyes can wander. I've been trying out a few podcasts such as LETTERS FROM A HOPEFUL CREATIVE and THE CREATIVE LEAP but at the minute I get so invested in the topic(s) being discussed that no work is being completed at the same time. It's not the smoothest as transition yet for my work but listening to these interviews with such inspiring folks in their respective fields can encourage you to find new artists plus gain new insights. into how you do things.

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R E P L Y   T O   A L L   

C O M M E N T S   &    R E T U R N   

T H E   F A V O U R

You know what really makes my day is when folks read your blog post / tweet / Instagram and physically stops to take the time out of their day to write how much they enjoyed it for whatever reason or how it struck a chord. Even if the post only gets 1 comment, it instantly makes my day a 1000% better and I'm walking round with a goofy smile on my face. If possible I try to reply back and thank them for their generosity (perhaps starting a small dialogue in the process) but I also like to go onto there blog if they have 1 and return the favour (this isn't always possible but I do try). They took the time to respond, it only seems fair (and worthwhile) to reciprocate with those positive thoughts. I realise that those with a bigger following who get over a 100 comments to their online offerings may find it harder to keep up the replies as you could be there all day but for now I don't have that hurdle to overcome and want to work better on my reply times. 



S O M E   M O R E   G O A L S   T O   H E L P   B E C O M E   A   

S U P P O R T I V E   B L O G G E R:

#01 || Comment on other blogs

#02 || Talk about more of my inspirations on instagram

#03 || Seriously get faster at commenting back


H O W   D O   Y O U   S U P P O R T   F E L L O W   B L O G G E R S   ???


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