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Of late I've been really trying to keep a curated Instagram I can get on board with, unfortunately I'm not one of those people who can't throw caution to the wind and have a completely spontaneous or random layout. So to keep things simple for myself and to build a foundation I'm happy with - here's how I do things from beginning to end in terms of posting an Instagram picture. How do you go about creating your theme?

C a m e r a   >   I p h o n e   >   I p a d

The vast majority of images used are a variety of blog post pictures and older images (more candid or daily shots are saved for Stories), as my work hours change and I spend a fair bit of time commuting it's easier to prepare things in advance. When I've captured the desired images I will transfer only a very select few to my iphone directly from my camera (Nikon D5200) via the use of my Nikon WMU (Wireless adapter), it's a fairly expensive item for it's size however it's made all the difference especially when not all of your technology sync together easily. After I've transferred them to my Iphone there is another step in that these are shared with my IPad, which may seem an unnecessary extra step (especially considering as it's so old it can no longer take apple updates) however my ipad has the bigger screen making editing easier plus it keeps things separated and knowing certain tech are assigned to certain tasks makes things clearer.

V s c o c a m

My prime photo editor for Instagram is Vscocam, there are so many great alternatives out there including Whitagram, basic editor, Photoshop and Snapseed to name a few but I tend to stick to ol' reliable as its filters create a great starting point. In terms of editing I try not to go overboard as it can seem too fake as I believe with a lot of imagery they can sing for themselves without over exaggerating elements unless it's intentional and necessary - that being said everyone has their own style and ability to experiment.

T H E   B A S I C   S T E P S :

 #01 || Add the Hyperbeast 1 filter (HB1)

 #02 || Lower this to 7

 #03 || Straighten / Crop

 #04 || Exposure: +2 or +3 (but try to mindful of the rest of the batch)

 #05 || Contrast: +1

 #06 || Clarity: +1

 #07 || Saturation: -1

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Before          //           After

F A C E T U N E 

It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of white backgrounds and when they don't quite hit the mark after Vscocam it's time to put them into Facetune to add a much needed step. Despite this app costing money (£3.99) and I only use 1 feature from this application, it has become an important element in my editing arsenal.

T H E   B A S I C   S T E P S :

 #01 || Teeth Whiten (and that's it!)

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This is the section that doesn't include any editing yet it can be the most time consuming part within this whole process, as a general rule I tend to plan 2 weeks ahead of myself then I'm not in so much of a rush till my next photo / transfer batch session. This is the place where I organise the 'look' of my Instagram feed, it can change but on the whole I'm currently a sucker for grey and white colour themes doing this ahead of schedule or on the day takes away the panic of not knowing what to post, can experiment within the theme plus gives me the time to move things around if a more suitable or necessary photo needs to be next in line. For a while I've been creating a set of 9 for my images and potential instagram feed that work together and this can take the longest time to construct. 

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After everything has been organised this can be left till the day of posting, what makes mosaico a great in between app is that it can link to instagram, you can pre-write out what caption you'd like to accompany your intended post and if you know you're going to be busy it is possible to schedule your upload - it'll transfer it for you. For me I like to be there when the image goes live as it means I can add any tags and edit if it's needed.

T H E   B A S I C   S T E P S :

 #01 || Upload from Mosaico

 #02 || Contrast: +10

 #03 || (If needed) Brightness: +10 




And there you have it.


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