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Some of you lovely folks may know that I'm always on the hunt to add more style to any and all creativity aspects of my online presence including my social media channels and since my blog post all about my INSTAGRAM PROCESS (found here) a few things have changed especially for my stories. I wanted to add more of an artistic flair plus a bit more personality.  Here are some of the amazing apps behind my current Instagram set up?

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By far the newest addition to my process but by far the most welcome is this one. Some of my favourite stories from other talented ladies and gents to name a few includes I Covet Thee, WIsh Wish Wish, Cup Of Couple and Park & Cube - they always have something extra like snazzy layouts and effects. Whilst I'm nowhere near their level I wanted to take a leaf out of their book and try something new. Videoleap has both paid and free options, for me it has a lot of choices that work without spending a penny. My most loved features include:

#01 || Video editing: lighting, sound, length

#02 || Freely edit the size of media used

#03 || Multiple media types allowed on the same post

Although it takes longer to create my stories I can now pre-plan how I think it'll look to a potential audience without the addition of my text and line swipes. I've fallen head over heels for this application and what makes this program beneficial to your stories is that it opens so many doors for your content with more scope to document your day or thoughts with more accuracy. It's an absolute beaut and fairly simple to understand.



Sometimes you need applications that do certain jobs and this is my spot healing tool but it offers so much more in terms of photo manipulation - like a simpler version of Photoshop. It's layout is clean, effective and the tools have basic icons that clearly demonstrate their usage. For a free app it's a brilliant option if you want to be a little more in depth with your editing.


A P P L E   P H O T O

Sometimes the originals are the best and while it doesn't match up to all the features discussed in the 1st 2  applications it does have a solid basic editing system plus can alter the length on any video (),saving the original for you in case you make a faux pas). This is very dependent on what type of device you have but if you're wanting a quick edit the in-built photo apps are still a good shout.

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W H A T   A R E   Y O U R   F A V O U R I T E   I N S T A G R A M   S T O R Y   /   P H O T O   E D I T I N G   T O O L S   ??


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