Favourite Things To Do When Not Working

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It's no secret that this is very much my side passion and have to find other more conventional means of earning a wage, this space is a joy and a creative escapism of mine however it's also a lot of work. It is essential to take a break to truly relax away from everything to stop, take stock and recharge for the next round. Although these are not new concepts and the activities I choose in my downtime are far from revolutionary, here's what I do in my quieter moments to replenish that positive energy. What helps you to wind down?

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Something that I never realised gave me so much happiness and satisfaction on a regular basis is tidying (and most types of cleaning), such a small idea has the ability to dramatically affect my mood without the need to push myself. In terms of practicality, I live with my parents all my possessions, creative space, sleep and food time all happen in this bedroom space of mine. As there's no separation, keeping things on the tidy side is a necessity as it can all feel at times a bit overwhelming on the posessions front even though I'm attempting to be more minimal. I find that when my room is on the messier side it can be a reflection of how I'm feeling or be an indication that that I'm not on top of things, so when I want to feel productive or need a bit of a mental refresh I start with the room situation. It is such a therapeutic action for me, feeling anxious - tidy the room, feeling sad - tidy the room, in a happy / productive mood - tidy the room. 



Me and reading have had a very rocky road, this fairly positive relationship started to dramatically go downhill after completing both my university courses and for ages I couldn't stomach texts, articles or anything more substantial in size but slowly I've gained the confidence again to keep turning those pages. It can not only be a welcome escape from the daily stresses that can arise but it can be a good way to bookend the day and wind things down. During my work lunch break it's the opportune moment to bring out a book and take in a few pages and it has made all the difference to my working day. 


W A T C H   T V   &   F I L M

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This is by far the least original activity I could pick however it's one of the most reliable ways to truly take my mind away, I'm very guilty of plonking myself in front of the TV and having a couple of hours binge. As you can see from my latest round up it's a real mixed bag of trashy, funny, fantasy and some serious viewing material with some as pure background noise for some productivity and others to get lost in.

W H A T   H A V E   Y O U   B E E N   W A T C H I N G    ?


N A P   &   S L E E P

It's no secret and in fact it's a running joke between those who know me well that my spirit animal is definitely a sloth. Despite wanting all the sleep it's rare I manage the full 8 or 9 hours I truly need to feel rested, meaning on occasion I can be a lot of a grump (which is yet another very long standing running family joke) this leaves me feeling not wholly ready for the day ahead. It may seem wasteful of my time but when I can, especially on the weekend, it is the perfect time have a half an hour nap. With a 30 - 45 minutes nap I find it's much more refreshing than having a 2 hours sleep but we can't deny that on occasion a good sleep can right a lot of wrongs physically and mentally.


T A K E   P H O T O S

This activity isn't as prevalent at the moment as this links highly to my blog work but it's no secret that Photography is my 1 true love and has been since childhood. When out on an adventure or I just want to capture the moment, photography has always been there when I want to create memories that are just for me plus it's become a very solid creative crutch.  Every now and again reaching for the camera without the motive of blog or work can be a real welcome release and actually produce some surprisingly successful results.


N A T I O N A L   T R U S T   &   

C O U N T R Y   H O U S E   


Like many folks, I am a very happy camper when it comes to exploring country houses and national trust venues, I fall in love with the art, architecture, history and grounds every time. When it's with the rest of the family you can guarantee a good time will be had even if it decides to pore it down. The gardens and buildings are usually well kept and at least 1 photo will be taken to remember the day. They represent a good day out, no internet, no screens on a heavy level, family fun plus there's normally walking and eating involved all with the accompaniment of beautiful scenery. 

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H O W   D O   Y O U   L I K E   T O   S P E N D   Y O U R   

D O W N T I M E   ?

C R E A T I V E   ,   L I  F E S T Y L E   &   F I T N E S S   ?


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