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When you're a photographer, artist and creator having some reliable props you can fall back on can take away the worry and stress that can come from styling your own imagery. As your style can develop over time so can the items you constantly reach for but it's good to experiment and see what works. I tend to stick to familiar items, shapes and colours and here are my current prop loves, what are your go to items?

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Texture can be a great element in your image, it can add essential depth for your audience and mixes things up from just a completely flat plain composition-wise. I find the easiest way to add texture is to rely on scarves, big shirts and duvets, they're simple items that are easy to lay your hands on plus they can become seasonal depending on your choice of colour or design. There's also a plus in that if you're a little chilly you can wrap yourself up and get a bit of warmth whilst you finish your photo set, especially if you're like me and nearly always cold.

P O S T C A R D S 

Even if I wasn't a collector of postcards, there's no doubt I would invest in some visually strong items as even though they are a simple bit of A6 card, they have the ability to add so much to a image whether they have a message, graphic iconography or has the colour palette you're after in your photography. They are incredibly easy in terms of storage plus they don't cost the earth to add to your prop collection or could become part of your natural home decor.

T R I N K E T S   &   T O Y S 

It's no secret that I'm a lover of those little personal items that may seem silly or quirky, like cuddly toys or figurines, I may be on my way to the grand old age of 30 but I'm still willing to indulge in my loves be it Disney, Sharks or cute things in general. For me, I think adding a bit of your personality into your photography especially if it's a lifestyle blog can not only build links with a potential audience but make it more relatable and you don't have to think so much when it comes to creating your images.

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T  E C H N O L O G Y

As blogging is such an a huge online topic and something that I discuss on a fairly regular basis, having objects that give an indication of the upcoming blog post can be a good reference points for an audience. Some of my regular items include: laptop, headphones, ipad and iphone, they're all items that are available if you work on such an enterprise but even if certain objects aren't available to you like a big beautiful iMac then there are other good substitutes that still get your message across.

P E N S   &   N O T E P A D S

Another thing about me is that I'm a huge stationary addict not only are they practical items to have as they can help you plan and write out potential ideas but can be handy smaller items that can make all the difference to your imagery. They have the ability to be applicable to many types of blog post subjects and can be used in many ways to signify the point of your post. At the minute I've been in love with more monochromatic or metallic designs but there are so many different shapes, sizes, types and colours to fall head over heels for.


W H A T    A R E   Y O U R   G O   T O   B L O G 

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