Creative Tasks For Your Everyday

Creative Tasks For Your Everyday
Creative Tasks For Your Everyday

Something I'm passionate about is creativity however fitting just a little bit in for 1 day can be really tough, even if we know it can help our mental wellbeing. As I'm getting older I find myself becoming stricter with myself and that includes putting self care a little higher on the list, which means that if it's just for a couples of minutes I want to put a bit more joy into my day with a little artistic flair (even if it's not the greatest in terms of 'good art'). Here are a few prompts I've been trying to take heed of for a happier emma. Do you have a few little tips for getting the creative juices going on a daily basis?  


#01 || Do little sketches, from memory or what's straight in front of you

#02 || Buy cheap materials & play

#03 || Collect items of the same colour & take a photograph

#04 || Sing & dance with happy abandon

#05 || Go visit an exhibition, country house or museum (you can go with your sketchpad)

#06 || Scrapbook: inspirational, special days & a holiday images

#07 || Keep a notepad beside your bed for those lightbulb moments

#08 || Buy a colouring book & pencils

#09 || Play with a big box of Lego

#10 || Listen to ambient music & draw / art with the flow

#11 || Make an instagram story of your day

#12 || Next time you're cooking, change the usual recipe

#13 || Press flowers 

#14 || Create a moodboard for a project even if it's just for you

#15 || Draw something without lifting your pen

#16 || Take a different route home & take pictures

#17 || Take any image & sew into it

Creative Tasks For Your Everyday

 Do you have any tips for fitting in those little moments of creativity?


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Creative Tasks For Your Everyday


- Any National Trust lovers these images were taken at a family day out in Kedleston Hall & no photo can do it justice - such a beauty!