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For a while now I've been on my own personal quest to make the content I do put out into the world to be more mindful and be more aware, this is in hopes to help others, produce the content that I truly enjoy but should lessen my reliance on the 'fluffier' blog posts that can act as a bridge to the next more insightful blog post. Of course this is very much trial and error plus it isn't always as successful in practice but I've found my approach going through a slight change of late in terms of not only post composition but subject matter. Here's how I'm attempting to include more mindful content on my little slice of internet, how do you create more considered work?


T A K E   I N   I N S P I R A T I O N

In the age of internet we're always consuming information (be it consciously or not) but there will be pieces that truly stick with you for whatever reason. Taking a moment to break down why that content resonated with you can be an essential step to springboard off for your own work. It could be the images used, composition of writing even how they've constructed said work, all can influence it's impact. This process doesn't necessarily mean read anything and everything that comes into your line of vision as that can overload the senses making you feel overwhelmed but doing a little research into how people in your field or how your role models do it can help give you a basic understanding of where to start and where you'd like to go. 


U S E   P L A N N I N G   


B R E A K   I T   D O W N

When you've decided your preferred topic of choice sometimes you can be put off by the thought of physically writing it, some talented folks can sit at a computer and let the creativity fly for hours however for me I have to plan out what I wish to discuss and it pays back in dividends. Those of you who have been around for a while will know that in general I will write out what I intend to type as a kind of dummy run, it doesn't require a screen and can allow me to explore my ideas with a greater depth and ease. If this process isn't your cup of tea then at the very least you can still find writing little subheadings or reminders of where you want to go with your content can still have a strong driving force in your work. 

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C R E A T E   S P A C E

For me, I find some of the most successful content isn't masses of tiny writing packed onto one page but they physically have a lot of space in the blog post, article, book etc. To some types of work this may not be wholly appropriate but making sure there's breathing room for the audience can help them to digest your subject matter plus could encourage them to read on. Formatting, design and your content's physical construction can be an art in itself making it almost as important as the written aspect. It may seem a waste but space is always worth it visually and metaphorically.

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S P E A K   W I T H   


Your chosen topic, regardless of subject matter should be something you feel strongly about and allows you to bring your passion to the forefront. In a previous incarnation I was a photography teacher, I found that even though I knew my stuff - standing in front of teenagers / students / others to pass on this knowledge was still incredibly nerve wracking. What really got across to the students (and helped to build that trust) was having confidence in my abilities and affection for the subject. Whether your purpose is to entertain, inform and advise, speaking with authority could give your intended audience a bit more comfort in what you're saying. It's not about having the biggest personality, it's about having the confidence to consistently put yourself out there even if you have to fake it for a while.


I T   W O N ' T   H A P P E N   


Finding a new tone or new voice in your work can take time and it can be a very gradual process (not to mention daunting), sometimes you can really notice how you've progressed by looking at past works you've completed. Others times your change in style can go unnoticed for a long time. Like everything it's a forever work in progress to be improved upon with lots of trial and error. You'll know it's time for a little spruce up if you're constantly feeling stifled, lacking in ideas or not you're not quite satisfied with what you've been producing. I find reading a good stimulus (even if it's a subject matter that's so removed from your own), getting away from the screen or taking  a mini break can get the ball rolling again - it can all ignite the grey matter.



W H A T   T I P S   D O   Y O U   H A V E   T O   C R E A T I N G   M I N D F U L   C O N T E N T   ?


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