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Me and reading have had an odd relationship for a couple of years ever since finishing my creative degree but currently we’re in a good place with more time purposefully put aside to turn those pages. As a reader I’ve always been a someone who has several books on the go at all times and at the moment I’m on a quest to educate myself on the subject of ‘creativity‘ not only to support the thinking behind this website further but also to continue my own journey of well-being. Here’s a look at my current reading list.

Do you have any recommendations ??

What have you been reading ??


Creativity - Why It Matters // By Darren Henley

Written by the Chief Executive Of The Arts Council England, this is an accessible read that discusses the importance of creativity and why it can / should be significant to many aspects of our society plus our growth as humans. This compact book is surprisingly full of valid arguments in support of the topic using facts, figures, studies and occasional anecdotes to prove his point(s). It’s not the most comprehensive read however it’s a brilliant starter resource for the concept as a whole and gives a great account of how creativity is important not just for ‘arty subjects‘ or artists who need it but can be a big game changer to other subjects and outlets in making those tenuous links that can take our thinking to the next level. It’s applicable to us not only on a personal level but on a much bigger scale too.


Conscious Creativity: Look, Connect, Create // By Philippa Stanton

This is an instagrammer who is known not only for her use of colour but also for exploring and embracing creativity through personal projects and challenges. This is a page turner that is full to the brim of practical and inspirational exercises that are meant to help ignite that spark of creativity we may not be taking full advantage of - this is a positive look at noticing those little details to create something we enjoy. In these pages Stanton helps us bring our creative mojo back to the forefront by helping us to see all the glorious aesthetics that can be found in everyday life. As a visual person this is such a joyful read full of colour, passion and thought.

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The Creative Habit - Learn It & Use it For Life // By Twyla Tharp

Tharp is a celebrated choreographer and through her work knows a thing or 2 about hard work, implementation and creativity, this New York Times bestseller is an ode to to crafting habits that can become ingrained into our everyday routines. Creativity is not something that is constantly at our beck and call, it’s a muscle that needs work, practice, self care and fresh inspiration. Yes this book features a bit of tough love (and may not be for everyone) but it’s an entertaining and an intelligent read - if a little wordy at times. As someone who is always on the look out to improving their productivity and to help push creativity, this is a must read especially as the practical tasks are a great starting point to finding a happy groove. What I liked about this book is that it acknowledges how a lack of creativity / finding it / using it can be a painful and frustrating experience but it can be an on-going and fulfilling process.


Hashtag Authentic // By Sara Tasker

This is a creative who I have admired and followed for a while; not only for her voice, aesthetics but also her ability to connect with her audience. Tasker has built a very successful business all from posting on Instagram and this book is the culmination of all the lessons learnt on the way to building a happy creative outlet. This is a book that not only helps with establishing your own creative voice but also finding balance with your everyday concerns and routines. With practical exercises, an abundance of beautiful imagery and encouraging tips - this is a must read for not only lovers of instagram and photography but those wanting to find their style plus inject a bit more happiness and satisfaction into their feed.


What books have you been loving of late ??

Do you have any recommendations to embrace your creativity ??

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