Book Choices To Help With Your Latest Creative Idea

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I am very mindful of the fact that a lot of my life is spent with either a phone in my hand or gazing at a screen so when starting a new project sometimes it’s good to leaf through actual pages to gain fresh inspiration from a new perspective. You don’t have to read 100’s of books (as that can be overwhelming) but few key choices can really inform your work. Here are the picks I read before the completion of my rebrand project for this website but more than that they’ve become some of my absolute favourites that can be found on my shelves - so much so that I’ve read them multiple times - what are your most inspirational reads?


by Fiona Humberstone

After seeing some of my favourite internet ladies wax lyrical about this book and how it can help with your intended designs even if you’re a complete beginner, I thought why not take the plunge and I never looked back. This delves into the thinking behind why you want to create something new and asks questions that can generate in-depth answers that can help support what you wish to produce for your potential audience - for example this book gets you to think of your intended brand / business, who it’s for and it’s purpose. Whether you’re a blogger, photographer, service based shop owner or seller of products - this book can really help bring your online design to life. There is so much good stuff in this book from understanding colour psychology, effective styling techniques, inspirational tips from business owners / creatives and motivation that can help implement your ideas. This is an amazing starter book to get you thinking about your design and it’s purpose, as your 1st initial thoughts may not actually fit your purpose but Humberstone is welcoming and easily guides you through the book - personally this is a great read that could be applied to any design project.

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By Fiona Humberstone

The 2nd offering from this Brand Stylist is a book all about taking your brand to the next level, maybe you have a beautiful website or an idea you’re not quite sure of how to market it - Humberstone gives you so many thoughtful inspirational tips. This is a book that can elevate the ideas of the previous book and can continue to help build a more cohesive brand. It also looks more at how your brand serves others and how to get more from your products. I adored this read as it still continues Humberstone’s friendly, helpful tones and it always keeps me coming back for more so much so I’ve read it 3 times. Regardless of your project this will definitely help with those business insights we all crave.


Although a little expensive for a magazine it’s a must for any budding photographer or lover of imagery. It’s a collection of articles, images and photographic news that sometimes it can follow a general theme. Every now and again I purchase a copy to flick through for inspiration not viewed through a screen plus there’s nothing like the feel of a high quality magazine. Occasionally not every article will speak to you (for me technology reviews don’t strike a chord). It can be a brilliant source of artistry from a variety of creatives.


By John Ingledew

Once in a while we can feel like we’ve lost our mojo when it comes to creativity and consistently making content, sometimes we just need a gentle nudge (or alternatively a hard shove) to get those ideas pouring out again. Now this book is something that’s been on my shelf for a long time but just recently I’ve been looking at different creative ideas and how it can benefit me and my daily routines. This is a great book for not only giving a brief history into certain artistic concepts but can help you to look and see more opportunities for your photographs or ideas. This book includes so many concepts like juxtaposition, satire, torn images (just to name a few) all of which can be easily implemented.


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