Attempting The Spring 10 x 10 Style Challenge


Those of you beady eyed folks will know that I completed the #spring10x10 style challenge over on my instagram, if not it can be found in my 'creativity' highlight section on my instagram profile. It's a task created by Lee Vosburgh over at Style Bee (the basics you can find here), that lets you use 10 items from your wardrobe to construct 10 outfits over 10 days but this can be chopped and changed to suit your needs. It's an incredibly interesting idea to explore and can be great in helping you realise new potential possibilities with your style / wardrobe. This challenge is a way to really look at your wardrobe contents, how you style it and how you consume 'fashion'. I've also done a previous attempt from Summer '17 which had varying results which can be found here. Here is my experience of the latest experiment from my outfits, lessons and what I'm taking forward. Did you attempt the Spring 10 x 10 challenge or do you participate in any other style projects?


M Y   C H O S E N   I T E M S

Now for this activity you can be as strict or as lax on the basic guidelines so that you can build a system that works for your lifestyle but for me I wanted to try this properly and this included a clothes menu of:


#01 || Big knit cream cardigan - New Look 

#02 || Black strap top - ASOS

#03 || Black & grey cardigan - ASOS

#04 || Grey high neck top - New Look

#05 || Blue strap top - Primark

#06 || Grey thick cardigan - Primark


#01 || Black leggings - Primark

#02 || Black cropped trousers - ASOS

#03 || Monochrome striped dress - ASOS

#04 || Monochrome Mini(ish) skirt - Primark

W H A T S    N O T   I N C L U D E D:

Underwear // Jewelry // Shoes // Coats // Other accessories e.g. Pin badges

I started this challenge 3rd Arpril and finished 13th April with a Sunday off for purely slobbing out in pjs. During that time there was a lot to consider like the weather, what's currently clean in my wardrobe and the practicalities of my everyday - for the majority of this time I had booked the week off from work (not specifically for this but it's nice when it all works out). As usual my wardrobe still drifts towards the monochromatic colour palette but through this I was able to bring a bit of subtle colour through the use of accessories. I admit the outfits I created were not adventurous to some but they are were practical, comfy, weather appropriate and brought me back to the possibilities of my wardrobe as I had fallen back on the same items of clothes.


T H E   S T A R   I T E M S:

For me 99% of my current wardrobe pieces are basic and although I'm a lover of monochrome I haven't found many standout items that truly speak for themselves. This is also due to trying to only choose items that I adore to be more in line with my minimalist goals for the year and to be honest as I'm currently on a saving spree I've psyched myself out of nearly every style purchase I've come across of late.

However the mini(ish) skirt (right) made it through and at only £4 from Primark it has been the best addition to the wardrobe in months. It has a simple design to pair with the majority of my wardrobe plus it got quite a few compliments when worn.


It was a good choice as I can't remember the last time I wore this kind of skirt that not only was quite tight fitting (always nerve wracking when you have a serious potato pouch like me) but on the slightly shorter side to boot. This piece more than any other, helped in a small way to re-establish my confidence again not only for my style but for my body as well.

The other items to make an outfit were the inclusion of pin badges, even though they are incredibly small accessories, they got a lot of attention from others but also added colour and that little bit of quirkiness I'm after against all the simplicity. Here were my favourites for this challenge:

 - Party Ring Enamel Pin By Nikki McWIlliams

 - Happy Little Festive Tree Enamel Pin By On No Rachio! (left)

 - Cadillac Pin By Ohh Deer


W H A T   I   L E A R N E D

+ Creating daily content not only gave me a purpose for that day but also pushed my creative energy so I was more productive through out, even if they were little tasks

+ To be completely honest, the inclusion of style on instagram stories plus usual posting did push my numbers upward which is always a good thing if you want a bigger outreach

+ It did help to physically get ready for the day, more so for my mindset in how to approach the day

+ It was good to step out of my usual comfort zone of a big shirt and leggings especially as I don't really dress in my 'nicer' clothes when pottering around the house

+ Embracing colour can be a good thing & accessories can really make an outfit especially if you're a fan of the monochromatic

+ Although stressful getting daily content (let alone good quality content) I would 100% attempt again

- I couldn't wear my outfits all day, as I'm trying to be more mindful in a lot of life aspects so I refuse to use the washing machine for only a very small handful of items. It gives me more wear out of them before they must have a wash

- It highlighted I'm not quite where I want to be style wise (nor body wise) but it's a forever work in progress and small lifestyle changes have been / are being made


W H A T   I   W I L L   B e

T A K I N G   F O R W A R D

I enjoyed creating daily content for instagram & this is something I wish to continue in the future when I've established my own routines again. Even though I do not keep up to date with the latest trends it felt good to create style content and it's possible there may be more of this appearing on the blog or social media.

Doing this experiment inspired a big wardrobe declutter which shone a light on the fact that there are missing spots in it but for now I have enough to still play with my outfits and not automatically reach for the usual suspects. 

It made me aware that I've got to relearn that it can be a good thing to actually buy things and occasionally treat yourself to new clothes even if you're trying to be more thrifty and minimal. However something I'm not totally proud of is that the vast majority of my wardrobe is very much from the high street and some of these stores are not so transparent with their ecological foot print nor their treatment of workers. I know I have a tiny bank balance but I can't always be totally ignorant of the bigger issues of where my money goes.

I adored looking at all the other daily updates on this project none more so than the creator @leevosburgh (her brilliant recap blog post can be found here), her instagram outfit shots of the day were to die for and such an inspiration to be more creative with the photograph set up (which for me needs more confidence to shoot outside).


D I D   Y O U   C O M P L E T E   T H E   1 0 X 1 0   C H A L L E N G E   ?


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