A Year Of More Minimal

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Earlier in the month I spoke of how my word for the year is 'Growth', in some cases I want to build my grounding, start again and in other life aspects expand my understanding. The idea of being more minimal has been something I've toyed with for a while now and this year I hope to try a little harder with small steps and generate more confidence on the matter. Here are a few ways I'm trying be more conscientious about what I use, keep and give back.

Although there's a general consensus of what it entails to be a minimalist, how we physically and mentally put into practice plus what it means on a personal level can be an incredibly individual journey to travel.

My own (very) basic understanding of Minimalism or alternatively Simple Living, can be broken down into these factors which may not suit everyone but so far this is my current checklist:

#01 || Living with less & finding joy from it

#02 || Being more mindful of your consumption & usage

#03 || Having an affinity with simple shapes & lines but still indulging other aspects of your style (be it design, home decor or fashion etc)

#04 || Balancing practicality without completely abandoning ideas of 'quirky', 'trinkets' & other sentimental items

S o m e   W a y s   I   W i s h   T o   I m p r o v e

 - Ease Up On Packaging

A big current issue within the news is that of waste, be it supermarkets or whole country, its become a big topic and it seems people are realising the big concern that this raises especially from an environmental point of view. Whilst this is on a much bigger scale, on a personal level I've become very aware of my own consumption and how much I throw away. I'm trying to be more mindful of what I use, spend and eat which will not be easy as it has other considerations such as diet and lifestyle but this should have a knock on effect to health (hopefully) and recycling.

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 - Build More Of A Capsule Wardrobe

2017 was a good year for style and working on my hoarder ways, it's no secret that I don't follow the latest trends but I'm starting to find my groove with what I wear. I can fully admit that in the past I've been guilty of shopping when I'm feeling low especially if there was more money in the kitty than sense but with wanting a simpler style (and overhauling my own spending habits) it became a necessity to look at my wardrobe  assessing what do I wear and what is gathering moth balls. I'm generally a monochromatic girl but on occasion a pop of colour doesn't go amiss but also balancing my usual comfort dress sense with a role in a slightly smarter office environment don't always gel together. Trying to incorporate more simplistic, stylish pieces that all work together but keeping the wardrobe small, is a constant work in progress but a fun one. My past influences for a wardrobe change include: Sophie from A Considered Life (for her 10x10 review), Lee from Style Bee (original 10x10 Challenge) and my attempt of it (found here). My current loves include: Andrea from Seasons & Salt (7 days of outfits) and Jessica Rose Williams (for her capsule wardrobe).

 - Use Up / Cut Down On The Amount Of 'Stuff'

Now this is a harder one to fully accomplish as of right now I'm still living with my parents meaning my bedroom is a place for everything be it all kinds of creativity, eat, relax, sleep and anything else meaning there's no real distinction so without losing a certain lifestyle element it's all got to be in here with me. This separation of aspects will be a lot easier when I eventually get my own place but for now I have to be more careful when deciding what to bring in. For the majority of last year I was unemployed so it meant using up my savings and cutting way back on all outgoings and really analysing whenever I shopped I had to ask myself 'do I really need it? / Does it add any value?' - often the answer was no. As a lover of quirky items and sentimental trinkets there is also the consideration that they could be pure tat, I've learnt not everything has to have a practical use (its helps) but it can just bring you happiness although there is a line when it does cross into rubbish. Overall I just want a little less.

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Some ways I'm currently working towards & find happiness in less:

#01 || Burn those candles I've been hoarding for a special occasions

#02 || Read more from my bookshelf & rediscover old loves

#03 || Only buy the essentials & let loved ones buy the more impractical / cute things I'm pining for (e.g. for Christmas / Birthdays)

#04 || Get rid of out of date items

#05 || Always carry a tote bag instead of buying plastic shopping bags

#06 || Try not to buy water bottles when out & about

#07 || Use up those pretty notebooks I've been saving

#08 || Experiment with my wardrobe & wear as much as possible



Do you incorporate Simple Living / Minimalist values? 

Do you have any tips and tricks to pass on?

W i s h   m e   l u c k !


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