A Few Things That Define Me

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When putting this post together I really had a bit of a think of what items do I always return to, love and which define me as a person. This can be hard as we really don't NEED a lot to keep on trucking. If I was to choose some key items that I thought go some way to giving an insight into me then these would be it. Here are just a few things that define me, what are your can't be without objects?



It's a bit of an understatement but photography has become one of the most important aspects of my life, which is a big claim but it's a topic I've loved for well over a decade ever since my parents gave me my first film camera (which had some kind an animal on it). It's not just about pressing the shutter on a pretty image, there's the mechanics behind it and what it means on a personal level. It's therapy, a release, a diary, a moment and occasionally a way to make a few pennies - photography can mean so many things to so many people. Cameras have been with me to a lot of places both mentally and physically and over the years my process has grown too. This artistic subject is incredibly accessible for everyone as phones have come to replicate the same higher quality we see in more expensive cameras, for me if I were to lose 'Big Baby' my affectionately named Nikon D5200 DSLR - that still gets a lot of use I may very well be inconsolable as it encapsulates my creativity in 1 piece of equipment.

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B I G   C A R D I G A N S

Are you one of those folks who is either constantly warm or cold, I am the latter almost 100% of the time. Having a big cardigan can not only be a welcome layer in the depths of Winter, perfect for wandering round the house, a cosy night essential plus a way to cover your shoulders when you need to take the edge off the Summer night chill. For me cardigans are the Swiss army knife of the wardrobe. They can be styled up or down and are a must even if you're not like me who wears them all year. They appeal to my (spirit animal) sloth tendencies, if I want to relax, feel more comfy and slow down I get out the biggest cardigan that reminds me of a big hug then settle in. I probably should update my collection but I'm refusing to give up on my ol' reliables.

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I realise music is a concept rather than an object per se but it is a huge factor in my daily routine(s), it has the ability to lift your mood or allow you to indulge in those not so positive emotions. Music is something I listen to in a big way, they may not be the newest of choices my but my taste is really eclectic from Fleetwood Mac, to Tchaikovsky, to Jamie Woon, to System Of A Down and Kaleo even comedy tunes from the 50's - there are so many bands and one-off songs to fall head over heels for that it can be the perfect accompaniment to your day.



Something that may seem frivolous is spending money on things to adorn our bodies and to some degree it is - but any category of style is an outlet for your individual tastes. For me that comes in the form of jewelry, my daily companion is my Bellabeat Leaf Urban fitness tracker which looks mighty attractive and then accessorise around it. Adding jewelry can make your outfit more pulled together and therefore can help your confidence for the day ahead. With all the colours and designs available there will be something that appeals to what you want to say.  


W H A T   A R E   S O M E   I T E M S   T H A T   Y O U   T H I N K   

D E F I N E   Y O U   ??


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