Signs It's Time To Slow Down

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Something I wasn't happy with was my sporadic blog posting over the past couple of months and I could feel an impending burn out on the cusp, in not wanting that to happen I took a couple of weeks off during this past March. I took 2 weeks off to re-calibrate and give myself time to catch up on planning and physically creating. What with juggling a lot of balls all at once it meant I had no time for my beloved blogging (well no time that equated to something meaningful). It was time to slow down and realign with my productivity and fit in more of what I love. How do you know it's time to slow down?

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Y O U ' R E   T I R E D

Constantly being busy or permanently working on some kind of thing can be draining not only physically but mentally too, even if you manage to get those 8 hours or eat healthier. Our generation has cultivated an unhealthy train of thought that means you constantly have to hustle and be a 100% superwoman (or man) unfortunately that's a mighty tall pedestal to not only fall from but maintain, it doesn't take into account that downtime is needed and so much more including the fact that not everyone enjoys their job role which can make things much more of an uphill struggle. Sometimes we have to admit it's OK to stop and rest, even if it's a simple day on the sofa completely unplugged from any kind of social media. Putting time and effort into your passions can be incredibly cathartic and do wonders for your mental health. Your body can actually tell you something isn't right through a variety of different ways and unfortunately they're not always pleasant and at the moment let's just say I need to look after myself a little bit more, especially as there will be some fairly big lifestyle changes in the next couple of months.

H E L L O   B A D   F O O D

I won't deny that I'm not the healthiest of girls and it can be harder when you're an incredibly picky eater, I've noticed that when I become stressed / overwhelmed / angry or upset it is so easy to automatically reach for comforting (usually calorific) bad food. Of late I've really been trying to be more considerate of what I put in my body and when I have a period of not a great diet, it can be really noticeable and eventually it becomes detrimental to how I feel about myself. My energy levels can be sluggish, it can make me reluctant to complete tasks and it can affect my sleep pattern, which is not OK when you have to be bright eyed and bushy tailed for the day ahead. A treat every once in a while is not something to feel guilty about but when I keep putting the bad things in my shopping basket, it's time to slow down.

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B A D   M O O D

One sure fire way I know I've got too much on my plate or things are bringing me down is when my moods and / or mental health aren't so positive - I'd love to go on holiday from everything but as I don't work for myself and could potentially have a little more freedom when setting my own schedule something else has to give. I don't want to be an irritable miss with my loved ones and understanding what makes you tick and what ticks you off can be instrumental in how you approach the upcoming week.

I S   T H E   P H O N E   O F F   O R   O N ?

Being online is not only more addictive than ever but it's also easier, so a good indication of when it's time to unplug is asking myself 'when was the last time I switched my phone off?' especially for any meaningful amount of time. It can be incredibly hard as this bit of tech has become an essential part of daily life and we use it for everything: text, phone calls, emails, social media, games, photos, blog and anything else plus there are so many bits of technology to navigate it can be an all consuming thing to balance. There are several apps like Forest where if you leave you phone you build trees but the most effective is simply to leave it alone in another room or turn it off. 


W H A T   A R E   Y O U R   S I G N S   T O   S L O W   D O W N ?


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