2018: The Year Of The Break & Why I Took September Off

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In terms of blogging 2018 has been incredibly successful and will hopefully lead to some new exciting ventures, it’s my happy space but as it is a passion project and does not support me money-wise it often has to be pushed aside in favour of the the ‘9-5‘ or other less fun necessities. This year has meant a lot of breaks for the blog in order to combat other lifestyle responsibilities but here’s hoping I can be more consistent for myself from now on and revel in my creative outlet (plus also show up for you lovely lot as an audience). This latest break was not intended but looking back was essential to resetting a few things. Here are a few reasons why I needed to step away from social media and blogging.

So … hello! Me, my messy plait & notebook are back for more adventures!

Trying not to feel guilty over taking a break or admitting that you can’t do it all is a really tough mental barrier to overcome as so many talented folks seem to be storming ahead and reaping the benefits. As an introvert, at the minute, my energy gets zapped really easily and as I get older I’m finding more effective techniques and self - awareness of what I need - 1 of those things happens to be more space to complete my tasks especially if I want to do amazing things with this online space. Sometimes we just have to admit that we need a slower pace to accomplish our goals and 2018 happens to be full of interludes.

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For those of you who have been about this part of the internet for a while will know that the majority of 2017 and early 2018 has not been an easy time as I’ve been 1. hunting for a job and 2. hopefully finding a role that I can take a little bit of joy from. There has been a lot of hours spent on applications, interviews and many rejections meaning a lot of upset due to not being able to support me or my goals … however … FINALLY I’ve secured a role that gives me a lot of what I want (it’s not perfect but ticks a lot of boxes). It’s an admin role that allows me to play with stationery, keep my hand in with photography plus is in a sector that I’m passionate about. When I began my new role I wanted to hit the ground running and give myself the best possible springboard for myself but also once again needed to alter my daily routine, the 1st few weeks were hectic and tiring plus meant my energy was elsewhere (not creating blog content - boo).

- HELLO REBRAND (But goodbye nerves)

Since March of this year I’ve been undergoing my own personal design project so that I can welcome in a new stage of content that I want to put out into the world, so it also has the ability to help support my ideas for new ventures. At the beginning of September I pressed publish on the fresh packaging of Not Copper Armour … and then completely disappeared (which is probably terrible business sense as you’re meant to shout about your new concepts / successes instead of retreating). Despite having so many ideas of where I want to go with this space, I underestimated what I needed in order to truly consider my new route especially as I’m a tiny fish in a gigantic ocean of brilliant content so the thought of adding my perhaps incomplete voice to the mix can be overwhelming and nerve wracking. It can be tough trying to climb out of the comparison trap especially when you can’t devote a lot of time to your creative loves. I believe creativity vs the ‘9-5‘ is an important conversation to have as it’s so easy to put our self-care on the back burner which is why I started my new project:

- How I’m Getting Myself Back Into The Swing Of Blogging:

#01 || Create an inspiration book full of beautiful imagery

#02 || Build a new weekly routine that hopefully is doable, so burn out isn’t on the horizon so soon

#03 || Get ahead of the blog schedule & make all the content - ready to go

#04 || Keep my space tidy as for me it really helps my productivity

#05 || Pre-make content for social media

#06 || Lessen my social media presence on some outlets but more on others to say hello to the ‘right‘ audience not just ‘an‘ audience

#07 || Read more books that hopefully push me & my thinking forward

#08 || Try new expressions for my artistic tastes

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