Why I'm Saying Goodbye To A Yearly Goals List

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It's fair to say I'm starting my blogging year a little later than others but I wanted time to consider my goals and what I wanted from the year. After all the good, bad and frustration that 2017 brought especially after reassessing my goals list it became clear that a change needed to happen. Some of my favourite folks on the internet don't follow the traditional resolutions ritual instead they prefer just one word that will hopefully shape and guide their year (hopefully) to fruition. This year I'm choosing 'G R O W T H' as my key word and here's why I'm forgoing the usual list. What's on your yearly goals list?

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Some brilliant bloggers, creatives and business owners have shunned the idea of S.M.A.R.T (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time Dependent) yearly goals in favour of a simpler idea that could put less strain on myself and apply to more than just a few chosen aspects. I thought 'growth' was one of the most fitting words I could've chosen as last year seemed at some points a bit of a step back, I want to work hard on growing in so many parts of my life so having merely a few aspirations doesn't seem to accurately reflect that. Here are a few reasons why I chose now:

#01 || It Applies To So Many Other Life Aspects:

- Writing a list of anything and everything you wish to accomplish in one year can become overwhelming and you can lose focus and only having a few goals doesn't always measure to how many things there are in your life. Applying one word to the whole year seems more encompassing and can enable you to work on so many, there are so many aspects I want to grow in like my professional life, the blog, my picky eating habits and other personal ventures to name a few and even with these there are smaller projects to tackle. As some successes aren't easily quantifiable, having a way of judging my own good results in all things individually could benefit things all round. 

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#02 || When The Yearly Goals Don't Get Crossed Off:

 - If you'll look at my mid year catch up (found here) you'll notice that not all my resolutions were completed with a resounding success and in fact quite big goals I had in mind flew straight past me without so much as a look back, there was a lot of frustration and more tears than I care for. With having one word to encapsulate the year, the pressure, strain and deflating feelings that come from failing at some of the things you want most can be eased a little, life can throw some real curve balls into the mix so I'd rather not add any more than I need to. Some specific goals can still be accomplished but when they don't work out it won't be so obvious or glaring you in the face.

#03 || It Should Change How I Approach The Year (As A Whole):

- During 2017 one thing I tired to work on was my own mental well being which included assessing my happiness and postivity, on the whole in this respect it was a better year as I got to understand what I want and need but I want to continue the good work by trying new tactics to improve this further. Having 'growth' as my word means I want to start to build a good grounding (especially compared to my last year) for myself and have a platform in which I can spring board off into an even happier 2019 with a new word. 


Do you have a key word approach or do you have a yearly resolutions list?

What's on your list this 2018?


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