Why I Don't Share my Political Views Online

If you're a UK resident then the biggest news story that has dominated the headlines for weeks is the latest general election which decides our next Prime Minister for the next 5 years on 8th June 2017, which although seems short can influence a whole lot of change (either good or bad) for the country. It's an incredibly important feature of politics but it can bring out the best and worst in people. The subject of who you wish to vote for and why can be a controversial issue to broach depending on your intended audience, with many folks discussing their political allegiance I'm a bit of an odd one in that it's not something I wish to discuss online. Here are a few reasons why I'm not broadcasting my personal views, how do you feel about how we communicate for the UK vote?

For A Personal Choice

I love the online world it has so much scope for building a supportive community and it does but when politics is involved it can really divide people, sometimes showing their less than stellar qualities. For me, voting on political issues should be a completely personal choice that is born out of your own research, thoughts on policies, feelings toward each party and what you think they can give you. Social media can be a great resource for keeping up to date with the latest news stories, general opinions, polls and any humorous things that take your fancy but the sheer volume of voices trying to have their say can be overwhelming. I do have respect for those who eloquently discuss their thoughts and views without belittling others but for me it's such a difficult topic that I'm not comfortable with discussing it for the whole world to see (although I'm more than happy to have a chat on the matters otherwise). 

Regardless of who you're voting for, whether it's a different choice to your friend, family or partner you should definitely not let this opportunity pass you by to have your say, ultimately we don't know how good or bad someone will be until they are actually voted in. Even though the election is literally days away your opinion can still change or you can be undecided, especially by the latest tactics employed the party leaders and their colleagues. For example I agree with more than one policy from multiple parties however it's who you think can deliver on their word with the most success and what fits for you. The best thing is to go with your gut and try to research as much as you can which can help which policies you agree with - it could be an actual surprise. Here are a few links I've found which can help identify which party could be best for you: 

For My Space & Voice

When you have an online presence it's really important to present yourself in a way that best fits you (be it for personal or professional purposes) however when you press publish on any blog post, tweet, in fact any kind of social media your comments can be taken out of context and misrepresented - your humour and original meaning can be lost. So many people can follow or take a peek at your social media and some are more prone to another's influence, although my reach is super tiny in comparison to others I don't want to intentionally put my opinion on someone else. Plus as this issue can cause arguments within close families and friends, let alone a stranger on a screen it's not always something I wish to invite on myself - for example within my own house it has gotten a quite heated at times with past important votes such as Brexit and when the USA made their presidential choice, everyone is welcome to an opinion but expressing it in a way that's not disrespectful can be a hard balancing act when caught in the heat of the moment. It can seem ignorant to not publish the latest meme, comment or news article, which I can understand but I want my online voice to be a place that welcomes and is a positive one and for me politics doesn't always reflect that.

For Escapism

Blogging, for me, is a route to escaping daily life and stresses - it means time away to admire other's creativity. Although politics can be a really interesting arena to look into, it is also full of oh so persuasive 'politician' language, double talk, negativity, personal attacks and tit for tat. At time like this with the near constant stream of updates this is not what I want to be reminded of 24/7, sometimes I don't want to think about the potential fall back of a bad vote (or a good vote). As the general election is so close sometimes a break away from the noise can be a good thing.

Do you agree with discussing online view?

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