When You're Stuck For Blogging Ideas

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Earlier in August I wrote a post about reinvigorating your ideas process that wasn't just related to the subject of blogging (found here) but since then I thought I'd add some more focused points that link more towards blogging. Despite all the great ideas out there that could be sparked by any little thought or inspired by other amazing folks on occasion they just don't feel right for you and you're not in the mood to explore the subject matter further. When blogging ideas fail to motivate it can be harder to create something let alone anything of high quality. Here's a few ways I've stopped feeling a little stuck when the ideas don't ebb like they usually do, how do you keep blog ideas ticking over?

Use 'Easier' Blog Posts

For the most part I tend to plan my month in blogging all in one and then I have a general idea of what is coming up, what to prepare for and have the time to jiggle things around if some ideas don't quite work as well as hoped. Some ideas can be big exploratory pieces that take a lot of consideration and work to engage on the level you want however these ones in particular especially if they're really personal or in depth can take a lot from you. So one way to balance this out is to have a few reliable 'easier' posts that can ease any stress or make you a little happier, some of the most basic include list post which could be anything including:

#01 || Facts About Me

#02 || Favourite Beauty / Style / Lifestyle / Seasonal

#03 || Lessons Learnt From ....

#04 || What's In My ???? Bag?

Inserting easier / list posts every now and again into the mix means you can take a little bit of a break but they're also usually more light hearted meaning they have the ability to give you a bit of joy - enough to gain some more momentum to carry on. They're less complicated and overall give you more time to relax.

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Brainstorm Wherever Or Whenever

Planning is such a great skill to build on not only for your extracurricular activities including but not limited to blogging and can help when trying to keep things organised especially if you're busy in your other life roles but finding time to dedicate to it can be tough on occasion. When on the go you can have a note saved on your phone so that when a random thought pops into your head you can instantly write it down, you can break down your potential header points and it has the possibility to lead onto another blog post idea. Some choose to carry a notebook for this purpose / shopping lists but for me it works best to have it on my phone as it's usually near me when out and about, however I also try to leave a notepad beside my bed so that if my nights are restless and needs a mind dump or late night imagination ignites then I have somewhere to jot and it won't be forgotten in the morning. Whether it's gibberish or not in the morning is another matter entirely. If you travel by public transport to and from work, you can spend the time by planning and thinking up new posts you want to write rather than have to write plus kind of system doesn't require an internet signal.

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Don't Blog When It's A Real Chore

For whatever reason sometimes we just aren't 'there', where we're not in the right head space to create content that is up to our usual standard and it can be demoralising but sometimes is easier to step away from the keyboard whether it's for an hour or a week or even a month - getting some of your own time without a computer could be a welcome relief. This can sometimes be harder as some talented folks have carved out their own niche and constructed their own full time job role form it meaning taking time off can take away from the prospect of earning some dosh so it can mean building some kind of happy balance. Everyone has a slump now and again which means it can leak over into your work so matter how hard you try to fight against the time, personally the past 2 months have been a little meh and in some places it has got the better of me in terms of blogging but it can also be a test and a way to push yourself to new heights by keeping on going.

What do you do when your blogging ideas don't flow freely?

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