When You Feel You've Run Out Of Ideas

If you're a content creator of any subject then you'll know that some months you can think of all the great ideas and they can flow seamlessly but some months the pool of creativity can dry up and you're left feeling frustrated or unmotivated. No matter how much you try what you want to write and the list of ideas you may have don't seem to fit, especially with your current state of mind. Sometimes your process needs a bit of  a shock to the system. Here are some ways to hopefully combat the feeling of not having any great concepts to explore in the tank and get you back in the game. How do you deal with days that don't have that spark of your talent?

Take A Look At Where You're At: Lifestyle Wise

Being a blogger can be fairly solitary hobby or job to do, you're responsible for it all the good, the bad and the behind the scenes processes that go on in order to get a blog post finished. Unless you have a partner in crime, you create the planning, imagery, writing, scheduling, social media links, commenting, email correspondence, brand work - phew. It can be tough if you're  a hobbyist and there can be even more pressure on your shoulders if it's your full time profession, it can be a real joy but the roles within blogging coupled with your life outside of this can sometimes be overwhelming or out of sync. A whole number of factors can affect why you're not quite feeling putting your ideas together. In terms of my own blog some of you beady eyed folks may have noticed that my blog posts haven't been as regular as I'd like and my social media hasn't been the same. On a personal note I've been feeling out of sorts, my sleep pattern is a mess and because my unsuccessful job hunt goes on my motivation is not at an all time high. This has leaked through into my blogging, although I now have more time to play with I just can't get going, no motivation and no productivity. Looking at where you are and what else you have in your schedule can affect your interests and work which means if you can get in tune with your what is going on and can find your own rhythm could make it easier to create.

Look At Your Ideas List

Many content creators have a trusty list and favourite ideas that they can rely on, before the end of the month I try to get out my folder of ideas out and use it to create an upcoming monthly calendar and schedule. Over time some ideas can lose their relevance for you, whilst others can randomly jump out at you but looking at all your collated concepts all at once can be a little staggering, every now and again it could work to dissect your list, taking out older ideas and putting things into a refreshed format can help you see things in a new light. It can also make it easier on yourself to have all your ideas in the same place, when I see something online or in real life that inspires me I'll often take a picture (or print screen) however it can mean my book of tricks may not be as up to date as it should be plus those images take up necessary memory on my phone. Every now again crossing through completed blog posts and clearing out your stash of potential thoughts can keep your list manageable and beneficial. 

Switch Up Your Design

When the ideas seem to dry up one reason could be that you're not wholly happy with your blog layout, it can feel tired and that can reflect in your attitude towards it too. What you create can feel lack lustre but it may not necessary be the actual content it could be its layout or surroundings need a bit of a refresh. Although a big relaunch can be a huge motivator it can also be time consuming and could create a lot of stress for yourself, another option could be to make small tweaks such as a colour palette change, adding a new page or feature, a new logo oe profile pictures, adjust how you lay out your blog post even something as small as a changing the image orientation. It can all make a difference to how you see your creative process.

Seek Out Inspiration From New & Old Sources

Inspiration can be fickle mistress it can come and go without your say so however a key element in getting back on track with what you want to make can be taking in all the good inspiration, this can be from the internet or offline away from a computer. It can feel disappointing to see everyone doing wonderful things with their space and artistry however everyone has their own style and their own off days but we don't see the behind the scenes or what struggles that may bring with it. When you feel yourself lagging your usual favourite bloggers, photographers, youtubers etc may not have the same appeal as they would normally so I good way to still use their influence can be going back through their posts you love and understanding why you see hearts but also to add more great artists to your repertoire this could sway you into developing your own work further or in a new direction. My most loved places to find new motivation include tumblr, twitter with it's endless scrolls and reblogs from other accounts, British Journal Of Photography (a magazine), returning to my book collection and sometimes flicking through the rest of the family's reading material.


Don't Stop Writing

In the past I've said and practiced stepping away from the computer and writing in general so you can get some breathing space but in doing this it means that it can be even harder to build the confidence to pick up a pen or put fingers to the keyboard again. Whilst you don't have to write necessarily for your content there are so many types of writing you can do that still bring in those productive vibes including: making lists for your day, crosswords, brainstorming, practice planning and many more. I love writing but sometimes associating it with my blog can make me it feel a little repetitive, everyone needs time away from time to time if even just for an hour but it's about getting back on track with the least amount of injury to your process.

How do you shake up your ideas process?  

How do you keep going when you're not quite there?

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