When Writers Block Hits

Every now and again we all come into contact with the dreaded 'writers block' any kind of writing needs a purpose and creativity but sometimes your own flair just isn't there for you. Be it for your job or for more personal purposes there are always a few ways to bring back the spark. Here are some options for helping you and your words to find each other again. How do you bring back your writing?

Causes Behind A Lack Of Inspiration

Reasons why your writing leaves you feeling empty can be from any number of things and a mental block isn't always the easiest to move but here are a some of the more common causes for why your writing may come to a halt:

#01 || Timing -  Sometimes the timings you lay out just aren't leaving you room to breath and if you have multiple work and lifestyle things to juggle, it can mean your writing suffers because there isn't enough time in the day. It could be that your work is highly defined by the muse and she may not always be the most cooperative lady which could delay your deadlines.

#02 || Stress - A big factor for anyone can be stress, it's there in everyone's daily adventures. It can put a stopper in not only your motivation but your productivity too - it can bend you all out of shape. Understanding what stress indicators are features for you can help you take steps to combat these.

#03 || Perfectionism - The lady muse can be a fickle mistress and creating something you're proud of can be tough to get right. This can lead to trying perfect something to the nth degree and this can affect your general flow.

#04 || Fear - Putting yourself out there in your work can be really scary especially if you're dealing with a personal or difficult topic, it's your creation that can be judged why would you not be a little tentative when putting it together? It can be a bit terrifying and a bit of a test to your confidence but it can be a big push to your work. 

A Few Ways To Find Your Spark

- Keep Writing: One of the hardest ways to get back into writing is if you've had a break, keeping up your typing or handwriting in any kind of form can keep things ticking over and when the inspiration strikes you'll be more prepared.

- Eliminate Distractions: When working, for me, an untidy space means there are far too many distractions to tempt a wandering mind, I'll be more focused on my space rather than any potential content. Organising your space so it makes sense to you can benefit your mindset towards the production of work. If you have a separate work and living space it can be easier to make the distinction between these 2 different outlooks - you can build a unique environment depending on the room's purpose.

- Get The Blood Pumping: Fitness, even the tiniest amount can be a big help in getting the neurons firing for fresh, creative thoughts. Be it a few star jumps, a quick fitness DVD segment, a run, a walk around the block or a big gym session - all can give you the energy and positive boost you desire.

- Create A Routine: Whether you're self employed or you're currently creating your side hustle, it's important to set aside some time that is dedicated to your writing.  You could be an early bird or a complete night owl but building a set routine that lets you mentally and physically prepare for your time working.

- Brainstorm & Find New Inspiration: You can often be a little stumped if your stimulus feels a little stagnant, to help fight this you can brainstorm all your current idea (good or bad) so that you can work through your train of thought. If brainstorming doesn't quite reignite your passion then researching fresh inspiration from a variety of sources can help broaden and better your style - it could be from newspapers, different genres of books, blogs, documentaries and podcasts.

How do you fight off writers block?

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