What's In My Summer Bag?

Summer has definitely arrived bringing with it heatwaves, adventures and icecreams; the warmer months are the perfect excuse to step away from any black in your wardrobe and introduce something new by the use of colour or lines. When the temperature is on the rise I find it can be really awkward for your bag contents as it means also catering for your needed sun protection items which needs an option that can carry all the essentials with ease. What are your Summer essential items? Which is your bag of choice?

Accessories can really make or break an outfit, they have the ability to accentuate and smarten up the most casual of ensembles. My only bag purchase this year has been the Zara Mini Crossbody Bag With Leaves Details and I've fallen head of heels, it has a smaller size with 2 compartments accompanied by a strap made of both chain metal and the hard plastic of the outer shell - personally I prefer just the handle. With the bright yellow and fun details it adds a bit of fun to my usual monochromatic style.

Fabric Tote Bag: A bag within a bag doesn't always seem the most practical when you're trying to save as much space as possible but bringing along a tote bag means that you can conveniently run your daily errands, shop for some last minute food or bring home more than your left with. My own beloved older tote was bought through ASOS with similar options found here.

House keys: One of the most obvious items to include in your bag arsenal but no less relevant making sure they have a dedicated space means that there is less chance of being forgotten, which normally happens when you're in the biggest of rushes. Trusty keys are trusty.

Black Biro & Notepad: Having been caught out numerous times without a scrap of paper or a pen to write the tiniest of details, I'm trying to become the organised Miss I've always wanted.  Making sure to have both also offer another bit of entertainment or it can help with instant ideas or shopping lists that I'll likely forget given time. They don't have to be the most swoon-worthy to be practical and you never know when they'll come in handy.


Black Pouch:

Coins, Notes, Cards and Glasses Wipes (Occasionally SD Cards): I'm forever on a quest to slim down my potential purse and the best option I've come up with so far to to carry the necessities in a small basic black pouch, although it's a few years old from H&M (similar found here) it's an item that can easily transfer between different bags or coats. 

White Pouch:

Hair Clips & Bobbles: As a long, thick haired girl, I can have a love / hate relationship with hot weather as it takes less time to air dry my hair and boosts my natural blond, wheat colour but it can hardly ever be worn loosely as sweaty, scarf is not the greatest of looks. Having extras of clips and bobbles in a reliable place can mean they can be easily reached for when in a rush or the mane refuses to stay out of your face.

Jewellery: Another route for expressing your style in terms of accessories is your choice in jewellery, personally I'm a fan of gold or rose gold coloured products with simple, geometric shapes. Although not worn regularly they can really help your confidence and add more of your personal taste into an outfit without drawing all the attention to it, unless they're incredibly loud and quirky with could be your intention. Making them easy to grab can cut out the hassle.

Carmex Lipbalm: Any of you who have read my posts for a while will know a constant companion of mine is Carmex, I love the smell and it has an instantly hydrating consistency. The summer heat can seriously dry out your lip texture making it hard to get back into it's ideal state so any kind of balm is fundamental.

Headphones: One thing I do near enough every day is listen to some kind of music and when venturing outside not having that ability to switch off from the world is a real annoyance. Making sure there is some kind of headphones about my person is an important element for me, currently I'm in love with both 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' soundtracks, Kaleo and Ed Sheeran. 

Beauty & Sun Protection:

Mini Deodorant: If the temperature goes up it can mean you'll discover sweat pouring from places you never thought possible, not a glamourous topic at all but a reality nearly all of us go through. When you fear you're drowning or melting into a puddle a quick spray in your nooks and crannies can help fight back the tide of ickiness, a smaller product will not take up as much room and suits a day full of adventure.

Mini Giorgio Armani 'Si'*: When you're sweating buckets the last thing you'll feel is attractive but smelling your favourite scent can leave you in a happier mood so you can enjoy the day more. Carry the mini versions in either the bottle or roller can mean you neither have the weight of a full scent to ferry about but you have an easier operation when applying. A quick swipe can ensure you're smelling lovely regardless of what you're up to.

Nivea Sun Invisible Spray: The biggest item within the bag happens to be one of the most important, unfortunately I have inherited the kind of skin that a vampire would be proud of and despite multiple applications of lotion some part of me can't escape the rays. I prefer the transparent 'invisible' nature of this spray as it doesn't leave white marks everywhere plus doesn't leave my hands feeling greasy like sun cream usually does, fingers crossed my skin is not left red raw this season but I feel I'm already losing this battle.

Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist: Something that was introduced to me by mamabear was this awesome product that is a god send come hot weather, sprayed onto your face it is instantly cooling. An instant pick-me-up which is incredibly hydrating and moisturising for your skin which can be a welcome addition to your skincare regime or just when you're particularly in need. Used sparingly it can last a whole year.

What is in your Summer bag?

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