What I've Been Watching: August

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Earlier in the year I finished my ongoing monthly series of what I watched as it grew to be too samey and repetitive but on occasion it's good to revisit the older classics to break up any usual programming. This month for viewing has been a mixture of action, politics and dragons, here's what I've been watching  in August - what about you?


House Of Cards

 A show purely based on politics (based on the 90's BBC show) isn't always something I'd go automatically go for however with the draw of Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright plus knowing it's yet another series I've yet to finish but it needs a remedy. This is based on US politics with all the shady back room deals vs what the public sees it's a good one, we follow the House Majority Whip and his ascension to becoming the president but not everything is as squeaky clean as it should be. Whether this is a purposeful comment on recent US politics with all the controversies that have happened or not is for you to decide on but Whip Frank Underwood is the kind of baddie you either want to win or be brought down spectacularly. This is an intense show and one episode is never enough. 

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Game Of Thrones

I make no secret of the fact that I'm never up to date on the latest and greatest series', sometimes taking me years to catch up to the hype but one TV show that defies my inability to stay relevant is Game Of Thrones, partly due to the fact there is no escaping the build up and spoilers for this fantasy but mostly because this is something me and my partner share (he is just as nerdy and encourages this). For those who haven't caught up with the latest we're currently on the penultimate seventh season, throughout there's been boobs, beheading, backs tabbing and bloody fights. At the minute the overriding question is, who will win the game to become the ruler of Westeros? At the minute there are those who support Jon Snow (ice) and Daenerys Targaryen (fire) against the lion Lannister family (mostly) diabolical bad guys who don't realise a bigger war is coming in the form of the Night King, a guy who can control the dead with the ability to take down a dragon with a cracking javelin throw. There have been many excited, heated conversations about the many beloved characters we've loved and lost and what'll happen next. Who are you favourite characters? Who do you think will win?



If you're a Netflix aficionado then you'll know that they've teamed up with the folks at Marvel to not only bring us the singular adventures but now the group TV show for all the Defenders, this time they have to somehow take down a menace that has featured in quite a few of their overlapping stories - it's an almost immortal organised crime syndicate wanting to find their way back to heaven but their journey has hardly been without bloodshed. For the most part it's stylish, full of fast quips and super folks literally throwing bad guys around however the let down for me is Iron Fist (Ser Loras from Game Of Thrones) he's never as good as he could of been and the weakest link of the group. Give me more of sassy Jessica Jones and principled Daredevil any day (both great fighters in their own right).

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The Illusionist

Sometimes we have those actors that you can't help fall in love with and one of mine is Edward Norton be it Fight Club or Red Dragon he's someone I really admire for his talent. Although I saw this quite a few years ago, when this appeared on Netflix after a random 'I don't know what to watch' explore it was fate. Set in Vienna in 1889, we follow an accomplished and renowned magician (Norton) on his journey to steal back his childhood sweetheart from the clutches of the Crown Prince who is known for not treating his ladies well, it includes tricks and mystique that keep you guessing how the magician has kept one step ahead of the encroaching police force and mass hysteria that his magic has caused. If you like the intrigue of the The Prestige and big reveals then you'll like this except this includes slightly more romance, a radiant Jessica Biel, brilliant chauvinistic meanie in the form of Rufus Sewell and a nuanced Paul Giamatti. Love.

To Watch:

Mindhunter // Death Note // Glow // The Big Short

Current Vlog Loves:

Lydia Millen // Katie Snooks // Gabriella 

What have you been watching this month?

Anything good? Anything bad?

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