Welcoming Autumn & Why I Love The Season

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As the equinox was last week, we can safely say it's officially Autumn (and wonder where this year has gone?). Although we're saying goodbye to heat and near constant bright days that are full of sun but these months can be enjoyable too as they bring some awesome reasons to appreciate the change in temperature. For many it isn't their favourite time of the year but here's why I'm a fan of the season. Do you like Autumn? If yay or nay, why?

#01 || It's perfectly acceptable to eat all the comfort food

#02 || You get to snuggle with your favourite folks (or just yourself) under mountains of blankets

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#03 || The on set of Autumn brings in a whole heap of brilliant new colours within nature, hello reds and oranges

#04 || The dial goes up on the central heating or if your house is like mine you'll have an argument about when it gets turned on

#05 || Halloween, Christmas or it's another Monday, there are so many excuses for candy & chocolate

#06 || Watching & listening to the rain fall, especially when you're comfy inside, can be really relaxing

#07 || Purposely crunching dried, fallen leaves underfoot, so satisfying

#08 || It's time to break out the big knit of cardigans & jumpers but if you're a permanently nesh person like me it's a great reminder to invest in some more and expand your colelction

#09 || Having a family pumpkin carving session (failed valiant attempts included) with loud music & snacks

#10 || Autumn style is where my wardrobe naturally fits, I'm not a lover of Summer but the slightly cooler season is perfect

#11 || Getting out all the cheesy halloween films & TV with a few loves being: Hocus Pocus, The Witches, Sleepy Hollow, Nightmare Before Christmas & American Horror Story: Coven

Do you love Autumn? What are your favourite elements of the season?

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