Ways To Start Building A Strong Brand

Cultivating a brand can be a good thing, be it for your blog, business or general online presence (whether you earn from any of these ventures or not) - it can help draw in an audience and solidify what you're all about. For myself I'd consider me a newbie so I thought in sharing my ongoing journey we could travel together. A brand can be built with graphics, text, photography, the subject you wish to discuss and all those other little things that make up a site, what would you tell a beginner? How did you improve your 'brand'?

Practice (& Time) Makes Perfect

When establishing yourself in your given field it can be a tall order to get anywhere, let alone somewhere of significance however the biggest allies to your cause are time and practice. It's incredibly rare anyone gets it right on the first attempt but the good thing about having something to look back on from making plans and seeing how they turn out can help you analyse what works and what needs a little more consideration. You can always come back with a bigger, better version of your site by taking a look at your aesthetics. 

See How Your Influences Do It

Everyone has those bloggers, businesses or brands that they find attractive and looking to those can help inspire you to make the necessary changes. Making some kind of moodboard of what you find engaging can give you a place to refer to when putting your ideas into practice. Although some subjects and looks may not always be your style, you can always take away the little ideas that you can implement into your own site with your own creative flair attached, instead of straight copying try and find away that still speaks to you but can nod to its originator but there also times when things can accidentally be really similar to something else - lets not forget the internet is a huge place full of brilliant humans and their innovative thinking. Is it their text, style of photography used, colour choices, type of brand, how they write - how does it draw you in to keep your around?

Work Out What You Want To Say

Something that can be quite confusing for a spectator is what they're meant to look at and what you want to get across, the purpose of a brand can be a mixture of educating, recording or selling. Understanding what you want to do with your site and who you want to appeal to in terms of audience can influence how you shape your overall look and feel. Making your subject and aesthetic match up can help with a more coherent message for example a site dedicated to minimalism could look out of place if it's fussy, with a lot happening all at once - an assault on the senses isn't what is usually associated with this type of subject matter (but then again this could be possible). With blogging the argument of being part of a niche or not has been a big topic but this can also be determined by what you want to write about. For example the main categories I discuss are general lifestyle, photography and blogging but it didn't start out this way originally, Not Copper Armour was more focused but as a writer it felt a little repetitive which is why I'm now more open to talking about more.

Colour Can Be Your Friend

For me, although not essential, some of the best brands use colour to entice and hold the attention of an audience plus it can create a strong link between separate pages. Researching what colour can work you is important as they can have their own psychology behind them which can influence how your potential viewers see your site. With the newest version of this site I chose blue for the homepage and the corresponding pages partly because it can be an attractive, calming colour but the biggest reason is that it's my favourite colour - which is the most basic reason and any excuse to include it in my life is always a good thing. However there can be limitations to using colour as your primary link as not every colour choice will work well with every shade within the spectrum, my beloved blue isn't always applicable to an intended blog post's images which can really throw off any scheme I may have - meaning a new alternative needs to be found.

How could you or did you improve your overall brand?

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