Ways To Save A Stressful Day

Stress is a natural by-product of a busy life whether it be brought about by family, work, relationships (of any kind) or reading about the bigger more upsetting news stories which can be both global and local. It can all accumulate into a big ball of negativity, waiting to bring us to a grinding halt. Saving a bad day can hopefully prevent those not so positive vibes from rolling over into the next day thereby putting a stop to a vicious cycle. Here are a few ways to help save a day full of stress, how do you bring back that good energy?

Turn Off Your Notifications

The 'Do Not Disturb' function can be your best friend when you want to escape not only from real life but the online world as well. After a week full of both horrific tragedies balanced with out pouring kind and courageous gestures, both in the UK and further afield it can be hard not to be affected in some way. The online world can be loud, overwhelming and all-consuming which in turn can affect your mood, taking a break from notifications and constant refreshes can allow you a break from everyone else's voice and can help you take stock of your own thoughts or feelings. A small vacation, even if it's an hour or a few, away from pings, emails and any kind of notification can lift the weight and pressure to be a socialable human in any way.

Make Time To Eat A Proper Meal

Food can be a great refresher for your mood, even if you're not any kind of foodie and just eat to survive sometimes all you need to influence your mood is a good meal. Sitting down and consuming a proper meal can give you half an hour of peace plus give your body some much needed fuel to power on through. For me food is a big issue, I fall very much into the cliched category of being guilty of hangry:

 - Hangry

adjective informal

1. bad-tempered or irritable as a result of hunger.

My motivation is very much governed by my food levels, an unfortunate trait is that I can become irritable and motivation or concentration levels can take a real nose dive. Although food and diets can be a contentious topic for many, taking the time to make a meal that suits you can really turn your day around. A bad day can be saved by some good comfort food (nutritious or not quite so, your pick) and a good day deserves a treat for all your good work. Rushing your food can not only continue your stressful feelings and keep you on edge but it isn't always beneficial to your insides. Food time can mean a bit of relaxation.

Get Physical

Ending the day with exercise can be last thing on your agenda and more likely you're dreaming of plonking yourself into a mountain of soft cushions away from your work area but getting the adrenaline, dopamine or endorphins going can really bring a boost back to your energy / happiness levels. Exercise can come in many forms from taking a detour to the gym on your way back home, yoga, tennis, a walk round the block (there's also the fresh air) or simple star jumps at home. Getting the body moving can get the positive chemicals pumping around your body and the worries of the day can be brushed aside in one fail swoop. 

Jump Into Your Pjs

The greatest pleasure when coming home minus the possibility of food, sleep and chats with your favourite people is the feeling when you strip out of the day's clothes and get into your comfiest clothes. Leaving the day behind with a change of clothes can be such a simple and overlooked routine in your day but it's quite a powerful one, it signifies the work day is over and it's time to let the day's worries be left at the door. If you work from home although spending the day in pjs can be incredibly tempting it isn't always the most helpful in terms of productivity as it can remind you of your beloved bed. 


#02 || Stay on track by asking yourself questions every day.

#04 || Keep a simple & clean work space. Everything in its place

#06 || Build an area that keeps the distractions to a minimum.

#08 || Limit your daily information intake & keep open tabs to a minimum

#10 || Listen to yourself. 

#12 || Make time for the people, activities & things you love.

#14 || Ask for help. It can be nervous but better in the long run

#16 || Tell yourself: Just take care of today.

#18 || Just take deep breaths and be present.

Other ways to battle the stress:

#01 ||  Focus on one task at time.

#03 || Keep your daily to-do list as short and concise as possible.

#05 || Try not to make mountains out of molehills. Easier said than done.

#07 || Pack your chosen bag before you go to sleep.

#09 || Make a balance of fully focused work with complete rest.

#11 || Set clear boundaries for your day.

#13 || Be 10 minutes early. Travelling can bring it's own stress.

#15 || Slow down, even if just for a moment.

#17 || Talk to loved ones but don't bring back the negativity

How do you save a stressful day?

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