Ways To Come Home Happy After Work

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Whether you work a 9-5 job, work from home or go out for the whole day it can be a good day where things have worked in your favour or there are those days that leave you feeling drained and frustrated, meaning coming home happy is so important so you can welcome in a new day with those good vibes. Your home should be your happy place so if you come home annoyed, tired and lacking motivation it can be tough it turn it around but regardless of your job there are always a few little things to practice that can benefit your overall outlook. Finding your natural rhythm not only when you're at work but also when in your safe space can make you a happier bunny. Here are a few ways you can come home from work (more often than not) in a more positive mindset, how do you come home happy regardless of where you've been?

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#01 || Make the bed before you leave for work

#02 || Develop your own ways of working smarter, not harder so you're not wiped at the end of the day

#03 || Write tomorrow's work to do list just before you leave so it's fresh in your mind

#04 || Curate a list of motivational quotes that you can think about when the day doesn't work out, don't forget those headphones

#05 || Put together a happy or soothing music playlist for the journey home or relaxation time

#06 || Turn off email notifications or refuse to answer any in your home time

#07 || Have a smaller nap because you've worked hard & you only live once

#08 || Think of the good things that happened throughout the day even if the best thing was switching off your computer

#09 || If you don't live with your beloved give them a hello text to let them know you're thinking of them or you could have a similar text from them

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#10 || Plan for a yummy meal be it a healthier option or a big takeaway

#11 || Learn to compartmentalise and try to leave work behind when your enter your home or shut the door to your office

#12 || Make time for your passion projects be it a physical pastime or not

#13 || Try to limit how much screen time you so you've not spent 24 hours staring at a monitor

#14 || Have a mini tidy up so your mind is a little clearer for going to bed and waking up

#15 || Create your own before bed routine, some of which may include getting tomorrow's outfit lunch lunch ready or skin care


How do you ensure you come home without feeling wiped from your work day?


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