Ways To Be A Great House Guest

This weekend saw me and my boy travelling to Devon for a belated family visit and some time away from the everyday schedule. Being invited into someone's house is a privilege and as such it's important to show your host and their space some respect. Here are some ways to make your stay more enjoyable and to win over your host so you can make your relationship that much stronger. How do you win over your potential host(s)?

Discuss Dietary Needs Before You Go

One element where nerves can play a big role when travelling anywhere is the possible contentious issue of food. I am a perpetually picky eater with a big appetite and whilst I'd love to eat what everyone else enjoys, generally it's a no - go and I stick to my reliable yummy menu. Before you enter someone's house for a longer visit it's a good idea to broach the (sometimes awkward) topic of food and what everyone likes or doesn't like, creating a rough meal plan. It can make meal times that much more agreeable if you have a plan of action.

Come Bearing Gifts

Everyone likes receiving presents and as someone has graciously welcomed you into their home it's polite to show you've thought about them with a little token of appreciation. As my in-laws have a lovable dog to lavish attention on, the perfect opportunity to spoil the people and pets you care about can be a small present that speaks to them and the things they care about.

Ask About House Rules

How a house functions is dependent on the personalities within the household so to prevent a clash of cultures, making sure you inquire about how or who is responsible for certain routines can allow you to contribute rather than throwing everything off balance. An extra body about the place should be a help rather than a hindrance and taking ownership of your actions can benefit the house so that it's a happier place.

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Contribute (If You Can) To The Groceries

If there is even one more person to cater for all bills especially food ones can become surprisingly high, so it's always a kind gesture to put aside some pennies to help with any extra expenses. Some folks like the responsibility of buying their own food then there isn't any association of guilt from someone else spending money on us however if you can't because of low funding then offering to help in other ways can help. Although some hosts just love to take care of you which can mean they'll make you put your feet up and relax.

Lend A Hand & Keep Things Clean

Although I stayed with family I still felt a bit guilty if someone else waits on me hand and foot so to combat this with little jobs like: tidying the plates away, making sure you've left the bathroom clean, fetching drinks and keeping your belongings organised are only a few tasks to do so you're not a complete lump. It'll give you peace of mind and your hosts hopefully won't have a negative experience with your stay.

Send A Thank You

If you want to continue the good vibes from your time away from normality and give your host(s) a spring in their step, one sure fire way is to send some kind of thank you after your visit. You've helped create your good karma and your kind, accommodating hosts feel appreciated and wanted.

Are there any tips you would give any hosts or house guests? 

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