How I'm Upping My #Pingame

How I'm Upping My #Pingame.JPG

If you've read my attempt at the 10 x 10 Challenge blog post (found here) then you'll know that I came to realise quite a few things about my style and the clothes I choose on a daily basis. I found that I rely completely on the same outfits, same items and although they are simple, comfy that follow the almost minimalist route I'm going for there's no fun so in addressing this it's time to talk about the wonderful world of pins. So in starting my pin journey and trying to introduce some of my much loved quirkiness subtly (or not) into my accessories here are some of my favourite brands and their designs. Where do you buy your pins regardless of style? 

How I'm Upping My #Pingame.JPG

Like a lot of things your choice in clothes can give you a way to express yourself, not only for your own happiness and confidence but let's the wider world get a hint of what you're all about. Thanks to the 10 x 10 project, even though I sadly couldn't complete it, it quickly made me realise that I needed an injection of something new. My reliance on the snug and uncomplicated clothing items had made me forget about all the other options I had in my wardrobe including accessories, the easiest way to spruce up an outfit whilst still identifying your core style values. As I'm not a fan for big and garish items (just on me as I don't think it suits) I wanted pieces that still said something but didn't detract from the whole outfit - hello pin badges. They can be small and suit any outfit or any personal taste - let them do the talking. Although my collection is super tiny I thought I'd show you around my most loved which include smaller independent brands.

Skinny Dip

The most recognisable brand within this selection is Skinny Dip, it's known for its bright colours, quirky designs and slogans that speak to the current trends and the masses. This was the beginning of my pin journey, I was looking for something to jazz up my smarter grey coat and settled for this Egg badge (although it is now out of stock) which adds a bit of cute to an otherwise big, monochromatic clothing item. If you like a mixture of broad designs, glitter and up to date trends this could be a good starting point for you. 

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Oh No Rachio

Someone that I have followed for a while and have admired for her business ethos and general aesthetic is this independent brand from Rachel Basinger, inspired by her every day, there are pins that capture plants, positive quotes and her cat babies (Luna and Momo) all drawn with her own flair. Also selling homeware, stationary and iron- on patches there are more things to enjoy from her shop. Her work is cute but not overdone or sickly making it suitable for a whole range of occasions. Although I have 3 of her designs already (Jungle Kitty (!), Happy Tree and Monstera Leaf) there's always room for more especially if it comes in the form of Momo the ginger puff ball and the Plants & Cats pin who is a seriously cutie.

Nikki McWilliams

Through Rachel and her adventures I also found the affectionately named 'Biscuit Lady', known for creating a whole range of products almost exclusively based on those sweet treats we all enjoy munching. Her products are have themes of Pop Art, British culture especially our fascination with a good cup of tea and the accompanying snacks. Despite being a few years from 30 when I saw the Party Ring Biscuit badge (one of my favourite ever biscuits minus a good Golden Crunch) it was hard not to pine until payday came around then there was no stopping this girl. On it's first day of being worn it got so many compliments, it's simple but colourful without being overwhelming. If you're a fan of biscuits and want to find more items related to your favourite McWilliams has even separated them into sections, always a plus when you take your biscuits very seriously! Next on my lust list is the Pastel Rainbow Iced Gem Pin because I'm unashamedly 12 years old in terms of my sugary highs.


The next brand on my 'to buy' list is this beautiful brand that features simple and geometric shapes, once again it features a very different approach to the above brands with Samantha creating a very clean look. Not only does this talented lady create pins but also sells air plants and beautiful geometric Himmeli, a Finnish traditional ornament. This shop is definitely for those who prefer more a minimalist ideology, the colour palette is more subdued but all work together for a coherent message and grouping of designs, the packaging is also graphic and incredibly swoon-worthy. This is another brand for if you're a lover of all things plant: from leaves, their shapes, to a terrarium and a plant mister - if you're wanting even more related products like dishes, temporary tattoos, seed bombs and notebooks then you can find your one stop shop. Personally I'm a smitten kitten for the Gold plant Mister of a badge, its simple design and wholly gold colouring make it a subtle almost elegant addition to an outfit especially if you need your garb to be more dapper for the day

How I'm Upping My #Pingame.jpg
How I'm Upping My #Pingame.JPG

Notable mentions who are definitely on my radar:

Oh Plesiosaur // Smarty Pants Paper Co. // This Chepooka // Sarah Abbott (Watersounds) // Pony People // Nutmeg & Arlo // Sparrow & Wolf Shop // Joanna Behar // Bonbi Forest // Kye Cheng

Where do you buy your pins from? What style attracts you?

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