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Blogging is a much bigger affair than some believe, it has the ability to take up all your time depending on how many hours you want to put in but there are a few ways to streamline your working and help your blog content get out there in general. These are a few sites and apps that can benefit your process which are good for a whole number of reasons, these are my favourites. What are your stand out internet tools for pushing your enterprise out into the world?


Using the usual given URL that your blog generates can be really long and for publicising in tweet form it can take up essential characters you may need, this free site does the work for you and makes a new redirect for you with a smaller amount of text. Another site which works in the same fashion is, which allows you too sign in so you can keep track of your previously made links although Tiny URL does it is on a very basic level but it's entirely free which creating another login.


Like Buffer (that works with more channels as well as twitter), tweetdeck allows you to schedule all your potential twitter links ahead of time so it takes away the worry and panic that can come when posting. This is great for advertsing your blog, instagram, business and other especially when your not able to double check the progress of your day internet-wise, for example if you work full time or are still in education and blogging is not something you can dedicate all your time to. Tweetdeck is good because it creates a place to easily see all your direct messages, notifications and home feed etc which can be orgnaised to your liking.


In terms of using various social media one of my ultimates is this site and has been for a number of years, not only can you link your own work but you can easily reblog any other content from those you follow. I also link my Instagram account to so that any postings can automatically show up on my feed without any extra work. What I love about tumblr is the ability to follow other sites which can mean you can find anything and everything, including but not limited to film critique, beautiful imagery (of every aesthetic), memes, text graphics and a place for discussion - one of the most popular being that of TV. 


I'm a fool for organisation and anything that can take the hassle out of it is something I'll be drawn too, as I don't run a spontaneous instagram it helps to keep track of what is coming up next. The joy of the Mosaico app is that you can post as little or as many even with some scheduling but also is that you can create a backlog of images which can be rearranged as you see fit before you press publish however this app is not a place for editing for manipulation it's possibly better to use an app like VSCOCAM (which is a wonder). This works well if you use colour themes or wish a certain images to be posted on a certain day.


When editing any potential instagram images I tend to edit in bulk and my current theme usually contains a lot of white however sometimes it's not quite as white as I want it, meaning it'll need a boost. This is the only app featured here with an initial cost (of £3.99) it can seem costly for its purpose however it offers a whole range of different manipulations but the sole reason I use this is for the Teeth Whitening option which can be applied to the whole image plus it can add that much needed white with very (very) slight brightening. Although it is a paid app it has more than made up for it by the amount of use you can get out of it, this is awesome for smaller imagery like instragram or twitter however it doesn't always produce the highest quality of images so it's something to be aware of if you are wanting big pictures. 

What are your favourite blogging tools?

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