Tips To Help Prepare For A Weekend Away

After the first weekend away in what seems like forever it meant my organisational skills could be given a refresh and a test. When going away, especially if travelling  to a new place adds to your stress levels then it's good to now you've got your ducks in a row before you leave. Here are a few things I found to help when off on a short vacation. What tips would you give to anyone ready for a mini break?

Research Different Travel Routes & Savings

As I went was going away with my partner we needed a mode of transport that suited both of us that didn't cost the earth. The most logical option for us was by train which meant a closer look at into railcards and any potential savings, such as the Two Together card whereby you can save up to 1/3 in your overall costs but you must travel with the other person identified. With travelling a lack of space, people, transport and general holiday nerves can be big triggers anxiety-wise is good to get them sorted early so it can help limit any the amount panic you may feel. 

Schedule As Much Work Before You Go

This could be made relevant to whatever type of work you're employed in however as a part time blogger with other elements to focus on getting ahead of myself isn't as easy as it sounds but working a little harder so all imagery, blog posts and tweets are scheduled can allow you to be mindful of your upcoming trip. As a good signal in terms of internet isn't always guaranteed in a new place you're unfamiliar with, so instead of taking away from your great content having it ready can mean you can enjoy your vacation a little more. You can use your holiday to really disconnect from the onslaught of online information so you can pay attention to yourself and your company is always a good thing.

Make A (Concise) Packing List

Packing a suitcase can be another big factor to any before - holiday prep and can require a lot of consideration. Physically writing a list of what you need can help whittle down your essentials so you're not over packing:

- Another way to limit how much you stuff into your suitcase is to build a capsule wardrobe using a combination of simple and standout pieces that can all work together so they can create multiple outfits. This could mean being a repeat outfit offender on occasion but hey no one will know if they're styled with your unique flair.

- Writing a list can allow you to think through about your location, your planned activities and the weather forecast, making sure that what you pack is appropriate to the situation.

- Carrying your luggage everywhere can at times be a (literal) drag so not over packing has its benefits, for example not adding more weight to your case for you to carry can mean it can come in handy later when you fit in a shopping trip for any trinkets.

A Few More Tips Include:

#01 || Attaching a scarf to your suitcase can allow you to easily identify which is yours and can make a quick grab for the right luggage.

#02 || Always have a bottle of water with you so stop you feeling hydrated and if your anxiety beings to rise you have something to hold. Plus if you're like me and your emotions are linked to your hunger levels you are (a hangry Emma, is not a happy emma), make sure some kind of snack is handy.

#03 || When train travelling dress comfortably, with layers and bring something you can use for a pillow. It can get really uncomfortable when you're all packed in for hours on end so don't be afraid to take a wander up and down the aisle. 

What great tips would you give someone wanting to prepare for a mini vacation?

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