Thoughts Throughout A Gym Workout

As stated many times me and fitness will never be bosom buddies but over time I've really come to appreciate my 1 / 2 hours at the gym, it gives me breathing space mentally and over time although progress is slow there are some good changes happening physically. However it's not always the most enjoyable at the time so I thought I'd put together a tongue in cheek post about my frequent thoughts throughout a workout. Here's a look at the inner workings of my mind when working my unfit body. What is your favourite ways to exercise? What do you think during it?

#01 || Urgh, do not want to do this - ready to go back to bed

#02 || Are my leggings see through? No one is looking are they?

#03 || I've forgotten how to exercise, how do I even? 

#04 || I should start eating less - no don't be silly, there is too much bread to enjoy in excess

#05 || Why is it so busy?! Me & my no muscles aren't a fan of company

#06 || Gosh I'm not cute, I'm a walking (jiggly) potato

#07 || Hey! It's my turn to hop on my favourite machine please don't stop for a chat

#08 || Boob & back sweat - could I be any more attractive?

#09 || Wow, her technique and fitness level is stunning

#10 || Why can't I look like that? :(

#11 || Best song ever ... oh no wait this is the best song ever! ... oh no wait ...

#12 || Is my body even changing? Dammit

#13 || Why are these bicycle seats painful every single time?!

#14 || Are you even ok? You look in pain

#15 || I'm a strong, sassy independent woman ... that definitely can't lift that weight

#16 || Can I have mashed potato or *insert bad food of choice* after this?

#17 || Did I even shave my underarms? Why did I not ask this when dressing?!

#18 || Abs please don't fail me now, just one more

#19 || Do not look in the mirror, hello frizz monster

#20 || That was actually great, I should do this more often

#21 || Ok this is going to hurt tomorrow - ouchie

What are your thoughts during your work out?

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