Thoughts From A Shy Girl

Despite nearing the 30 barrier, give or take a few years, I still would call myself a shy girl at heart - there are many associations good and bad with this so I thought I'd share a few things regarding this issue. So here are a few thoughts from a real shy girl, are you the same? Or do you have more of an outgoing personality?

Shyness VS Introvertism

These 2 above concepts are often mixed together to form some misinformed assumption, they aren't the same but they can easily be thought of as the same. In the easiest, most basic possible terms: an introvert is someone who enjoys time alone and gets mentally (and physically) drained when faced with adventures or groups of people, a shy person doesn't necessarily want to be alone but can be afraid to interact with others. Conveniently or not, I happen to have both, whether this combination was formed by my experiences whilst growing up or just something that is built in or a mixture of the 2 I'm not wholly sure but I have also known people who are incredibly shy but aren't introverts in the slightest - they like being sociable but aren't always the loudest in the group. It can be an annoyance as others prescribe you as something you're not but identifying with a certain outlook is a very personal thing, that not everyone grows out of like it's a natural stage in your progression as a human however it's not to be governed by other voices.


Good Things About Being A Shy Person:

#01 || When your friend cancels the plans for going out or 

#02 || Getting a seat on any form of transport and having no-one sit next to you

#03 || Running out of time in a meeting just before it's your turn to speak up

#04 || People assume you're boring with not a lot to say

#04 || When someone doesn't answer their phone when you call

#05 || Finally plugging into your beloved headphones, the bigger the better

#06 || When you open a book, their mouth stays closed

#07 || Thanking the creators of email, text and being able to order food online

#08 || Managing to sneak past someone you're not quite ready for

#09 || People think you're forever quiet when they don't realise you're actually pretty witty with the sassy comebacks

#10 || Letting other do the talking so you can take it all in, including body language

#11 || You can still be an independent and confident person

#12 || Meeting folks who actually understand you and being shy



A Few Bad Things:

#01 || It can be harder to be recognised for your successes as your more likely to favour the sidelines rather than the spotlight

#02 || Most people believe that being 'shy' is a problem especially if they want you to be sociable - it's not an issue

#03 || Always cringing at the words "Speak Up" or "Be More Outgoing"  

Are you a shy girl or boy? Or not?

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