Those Cosy Day Essentials

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Although it doesn't quite seem like it with everyone's snaps of holiday and the occasional hot days we're firmly in the month of September and in the UK it comes the likelihood of rain and colder temperatures. As it's slowly but surely getting cooler it's the perfect excuse to stay indoors and have a completely cosy day by yourself or with loved ones, which can be made even better with those little extras that don't take a lot of effort but make all the difference. Here are a few of my favourite loves for when the heavens open, what are your rainy day essentials?

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Big Cosy Cardigans

... Or alternatively a dressing gown it's the saviour in every situation be it: illness, blues, showered, woke up or need warmth - hello swiss army knife of the wardrobe. It's a universal item that fits every occasion so having something to snuggle in is one of the first priorities to consider when it's a day of relaxing and being toasty. Blankets, jumpers, big cushions and slippers also fall into this 'nestle' category, making them good items to create your comfy nest from - make it big and beautiful. Feeling homey in whatever you wear can help you allow yourself to relax and let go plus you can be more confident without the annoyance of too tight / too fiddly clothes. Oversized is best.

Reliable TV Shows

Good films are a necessity regardless of your preferred genre of interest but when it's for a dedicated day of taking a break or more precisely slobbing about unattractively - finding ways those little ways to minimise leaving your sofa camp are really important. Which is why a TV series' is the better option, some of my go to programs include:


Elementary  //  QI  //  The Ricky Gervais Show  //  Friends  //  Fawlty Towers  //  American Horror Story  //  Ouran High School Host Club  //  Project Runway  //  Judge Judy//  Mock The Week  //  The Office (US)  //  Wind In The Willows  // Hellsing OVA

As you can see the above list is incredibly varied so whether you're in the mood for happy, funny, serious or sad - there will be a series for you. What are your lazy / indoor rainy / cosy watching picks?

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Yummy Snacks

Any excuse to eat is fine by me and whilst you're in 'rainy relaxing day' mode a significant element to encourage those good vibes are the snacks you choose. Whether they're on the healthier side or copious amounts of the 'naughty' stuff but either way lots of little bits can prolong the big meal wants, can curate more of a homey atmosphere when sharing with your nearest and dearest (or hoover it all by yourself with no regrets). 


Thanks to us getting closer to the really cold months of the year, anything and everything to exaggerate those snuggly feelings is a welcome addition to a good coach potato day. They can set the mood with their soft light and your choice in scent - personally I'm more of a berry or lavender kind of girl but many folks love warmer, muskier smells or those that are reminiscent of Bonfire Night or Christmas occasions. Although they aren't the cleanest in terms of air quality however every now and again they can be the perfect accompaniment to a night in.

What are your perfect indoor / rainy day essentials 

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