Things To Remember About Photography

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Everyone's photographic journey looks a little different and with it brings so many possible lessons to be learnt from the creative subject. Even if I hadn't taken photography to a higher education level, there's the high possibility that it would still be a beloved passion of mine. There are no real hard and fast rules to the topic but doing the research and building your own grounding can set you in good stead with your our guidelines, Here are some tid bits of advice someone should've written down for me sooner, what would you tell your fledgling self when you first started toying with the idea of photography?

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#01 || Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and not everyone will appreciate your style or subject matter

#02 || There is so much to learn & put into practice, it's OK to take it at your own pace (also a degree in the topic is not an essential)

#03 || Shooting in manual is best as it gives you more control but other settings can be a good back up

#04 || The latest, greatest and most expensive cameras will not guarantee stunning imagery - it's the person behind the camera

#05 || Style, like many things is ever changing & it's good to switch it up

#06 || Don't fear those high ISOs & noise, it can be really atmospheric with more light capabilities

#07 || It can take 100 images to get the 1 that just works

#08 || You'll become a real student & lover of light, understanding what each type needs from you

Taking in as much inspiration as you can will give you some knowledge & more of lock down on what you find interesting to be looked at vs what you actually want to create 

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#09 || With practicing getting more right in camera, they'll be less editing to contend (unless heavily manipulated images are your thing) with plus your understanding of how to compose an image will grow

#10 || Speaking on editing, the automatic in built filters can be too harsh, playing with things manually can help you become more adept at solving any issues or add more elements

#11 || Understand the rules that govern photography / art so you'll know what your doing when you break them but then again having playtime just for the fun of it is important too

#12 || Everyone goes through a motivational / productivity / aesthetic slump, it happens but there are always ways to bring it back again

#13 || Learn when to take away or add to an image dependent on your theme in many cases less is more, be it for meaning or arranging

#14 || Enjoy the process rather than focusing on the end result & don't hold it against yourself when the idea in your head doesn't match of that in camera


What lessons have you learnt from photography?

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