Some Golden Rules Of Photography

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Photography is a huge artistic genre to define let alone build some ultimate set in stone rules to adhere to, like many areas of study it's about building your own mantra or guidelines that suit you as a practitioner (regardless of whether you're a happy hobbyist or you make a living from it), for me it's taken years to build my own way of doing things and I thought I'd share a few lessons from along the way. Here are some of my golden rules in term of photography, what are yours?

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#01 || There is no rule that can't be bent, let alone broken

#02 || Style is something that can change and evolve over time (which can take years), as can your taste. Speaking of which ...

#03 || You can like many more style aesthetics than you create but you don't have to like everything

#04 || Not everyone will like what you do and that's OK but in some circles (mostly educational) there are some general no-nos and guidelines to follow but as always there are exceptions to the rule

#05 || Sometimes what you see in your mind's eye in terms of planning doesn't always translate into reality for whatever reason, you may encounter a bad patch but it won't last

#06 || You don't need 'all' the editing to make your images sing but it can enhance them

#07 || On occasion only 1 out of a 100 photographs can be one you pick

#08 || Photography is all about the ability to capture light, how you do so is completely your choice

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#09 || It doesn't always capture the truth but it captures a moment

#10 || Opportunities for potential images can be found on very corner it all depends on your point of view, interests and aesthetic style

#11 || Like any art discipline what works for one person will not work for all

#12 || Research is key, it can back up your thinking and challenge you and others to new thoughts

#13 || Those who say 'Photography is an easy subject' to undertake can't truly appreciate the work that goes into it

#14 || Asking others for constructive criticism can help push you to new heights and how you see your work

#15 || There are no real fast or hard rules and many artists have made their name from breaking them


What are some of your golden rules for photography?


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