Weekend Prep For A Productive Week Ahead

Since quitting my retail job last year I've fallen head over heels for the weekend, not having to work it means I can relax properly and get ahead of myself for the upcoming week. The weekend is a great time of the week because it can allow some breathing space in between the stress and everyone wanting things from us, so it's a awesome excuse to focus on you, not that you need one. Although I've been slacking off of late to prepare I'm slowly getting back on track, here are a few activities to do on the weekend that can help put you in a positive frame of mind for the working week (especially if you don't have the usual mon -fri routine). How do you prepare for your 'Monday'?


I am a big advocate of the list, it is one of best steps to take when wanting to be and stay organised. Creating lists that apply to all your different ventures like your personal life, blog & admin, work and anything else you can think of means it's all out of your brain, you don't need to force yourself to remember and there should be less chance forgetting the essentials. Breaking down the tasks with what is needed means you can see how your week could pan, you can analyse where you may need to prepare more, you can organise your lists so you're not flitting in between job which can hinder your progress and where you can fit in a bit of respite. It can also be a wonderful tool for your motivation, the act of physically ticking off done items can be really good for encouraging more productivity moving forward plus you can give yourself a pat on the back for completing your tasks.


Although it can be incredibly tedious, scheduling as much of your content as possible for the week ahead means you won't have to worry about posting a certain photo / link or missing your usual upload time. It can take away some of the spontaneity that can come with any blogging or social media outlet but you still have that option for extra interaction and having the basics covered means you're not totally absent from the online world even if you're taking a holiday.


If you're like me then your mental clarity and productive levels can be influenced by the state of both your living and working areas, for me they are one and the same which makes it difficult to make a clear separation between the 2. Whether it's a force of habit but when the room begins to resemble a pigsty it can affect how you approach things, it can also be detrimental to your sleeping habits if you're surrounded by mess. Making sure your space is clean and tidy for your next week means you're coming in with a fresh mentality too. Tidy space, tidy mind.



Ahh, weekend how may I count the ways. Of course weekends are the time to escape the mundanity of work and the hum-drum of whatever line of business you're in but it can be really hard to switch off - properly. Failing to take an effective break (for whatever reason) can mean you're still on edge which can bring last week's worries, stresses and anxiety levels to the forefront, subconsciously or not. This can build up into an overall lack of motivation, productivity and in some cases a burnout. Finding ways to truly unwind are different to each person, it could be anything from exercising, walking round country houses & gardens, baking, take a long bath, visiting a new place, trying a new restaurant, photograph objects & people, reading a book or watching films. I'm not too proud to admit that my perfect Sunday includes a Judge Judy marathon, it may be trashy but her sassy judicial ways always cheer me up. You need an actual break to appreciate the good and the bad. 


This can mean any number of things but for me the night before the dreaded work day looms it can be an idea to prepare your bag and plan your outfit beforehand, it takes away the panic when choosing from your wardrobe the next morning. Setting things out so you can easily grab what you needs just makes the process of leaving the house a whole lot smoother. However this could also include mini projects like cleaning makeup brushes, meal planning & batch cooking, watering / cleaning plant baby areas and activities of a similar nature.


This may seem the most Captain Obvious point to make however sometimes the over thinking of everything we have to do be it deadlines, emails, meetings, phone calls can be all too much and the Zzz's just won't be caught. Getting a lot of effective sleep can be a winner all round, not only can it leave you feeling fresh and the temptation to stay in bed will be a little bit further from your mind but deep sleep does good things for your body too, it can regulate hormones, repair muscle, work on memory consolidation and more. Sleep can have a dramatic effect on how we perform in the day, feel about ourselves (internally or mentally) and look physically so not getting enough sleep already means you're potentially on the back foot from the get go which is not something you wish to welcome the working week with. It can be a struggle to not get the hours you need (some folks run on 4, some on 6  - personally I need those 8 hours otherwise call me Oscar The Grouch) but it can be helped along with night routine that works for you plus a little pamper never hurt.

How do you welcome in the next working week?

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