Things I Never Learnt In School (That Would've Helped To Be An Adult)

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For some school is an amazing place to not only collect valuable life long memories but can also be an amazing spring board of a platform for your educational and possible work career. However for some it doesn't always create the happiest of thoughts but whilst it can teach you a lot of things (for example I still remember Pythagorus' Theorem but have never used it since) unfortunately it doesn't teach you everything - like being a fully functioning adult. Here's a few things I didn't learn from school (and in some cases still haven't), what do you wish you'd learnt at school in your more formative years?

#01 || What happens when you work really hard & it still doesn't work out or coping with feelings of failure

#02 || Getting a mortgage & all it entails

#03 || How to not run from a spider like the whimpering girl you are 

#04 || That whilst pushing us to uni, it's also 60k worth of debt that'll follow us around for a long time

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#05 || Some self defense skills / how to stay safe

#06 || Trying to balance it all in life without cracking under the pressure

#07 || What actually are taxes & what does it mean for me?

#08 || The difference between gas & diesel and what happens when you get it wrong in your car

#09 || Navigating office politics (& unfortunately how you can be looked over whilst the arsehole gets the credit)

#10 || Finding confidence in yourself & abilities

#11 || Learning the importance of caring for your mental health

#12 || To cook an actual whole meal for yourself & others without the smell of burning

#13 || The idea of dating the right person for you, letting them in & when you're not ok with the relationship

#14 || When to stand your ground (in a good way) & when to let sleeping dogs / idiotic fools lie

#15 || Changing a light bulb / the dustbins / energy or bill suppliers / the tire of a car

#16 || What a good diet for you physically looks like, with all your likes, dislikes & lifestyle

#17 || That a pension is a necessity to think about

#18 || Make time for your passions even if they don't make you money

#19 || Think on a truly critical level rather than just retaining information for the sake of a test

#20 || It's OK to go at your own pace

What have you learnt since leaving education?

What would you have liked to learn whilst in school?

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