The Updated Bag Collection

One of my favourite aspects of style has always been for the longest time - bags, even if your outfit feels a little lack lustre it can be pulled together with the right choice of shape and colour. I'm never going to be a one bag suits all kind of girl but I do have a few types that really stand out within my collection. As I've had a clear out and treated myself to a new acquisition, I thought it time to discuss my love of bags.

The Backpack

A faithful backpack has always appeared in my bag arsenal in various incarnations, currently I flit between two New Look numbers, 1. a rounded Mink Push Lock and 2. a white crosshatch with a highly structured design. A backpack is a solid investment as it can distribute the load helping to prevent an aching shoulder, if you're a perpetual over packer like me. I find these bags can stand the test of time the best, the Mink design is something I've been using for just under a year for my gym bag and it isn't showing any signs of wear or tear. These are sturdy items that should be a welcome addition and they make the perfect accompaniment to a day trip.

 - New Look: Black Cross Hatch Backpack

 - New Look: Silver Holographic Shell Bag

 - Zara: Mini Crossbody Bag

 - New Look: White Structured Backpack

 - The Cambridge Satchel Co.: The Brompton Bike Batchel

The Satchel

A perfect day bag comes in the form of a satchel, it's an easy style to pull off especially if you want to add a smarter, slightly more professional edge to a casual outfit. At the moment I'm rocking a little Primark item, which as it's black means it can suit my generally darker wardrobe. A good satchel is good for cramming a lot of items in, for example if you're off to attend a potential interview or at University for a day of lessons it's good for your books, pens, phone, purse, a bottle of water and your household keys.

The Statement Handbag

As I'm having to watch my pennies like a hawk just recently, a treat has been a long time coming. Although a designer bag is nowhere near the horizon anytime soon, I'm happy to splurge on something from the high street - say hello to Zara's yellow Summer crossbody bag with leaves detail. Having a stand out can make your outfit pop, as I have a simplistic, monochromatic style once in a while you need something with an a bright colour or unusual shape - it can be good to highlight that sassy, stylish outfit you put together. I fell hook, line and sinker for this bag because of it's detail shapes, the yellow tone, the two separate compartments and the chains add a bit more of an edge - a plus when you're not a flowery kind of girl.

Other Bags In MY Collection Include:

- The Big Overnight Bag

- The 'Neutral' Going-Out Bag

- The Everyday Handbag 

After a bag switch up it's time for an updated 'What's In My Bag?' edit, although the Zara bag it's not a bottomless pit it can fit in the essentials such as:

#01 || Keys: When home beckons

#02 || Sony Headphones: Mostly chosen for its capability to fit into a smaller space, a necessity when you're a constant public transport traveler plus like my own company.

#03 || Money Pouch: My purses tend to be bigger so in trying to slim down my needed items I use a small pouch for my money.

#04 || Carmex Lipbalm: Any of you who have read my posts for a while will know a constant companion of mine is Carmex, I love the smell and it's instantly hydrating consistency.

#05 || Phone: Since I upgraded my phone I've fallen in love with all it can do and instead of leaving it freely it's more likely to be near me, especially if I'm on a Pokemon hunt with the boy.

#06 || A Pen: Always be prepared for taking all the notes


What are your favourite bags in your collection?

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