The Anti-Social Survival Kit

Being out and about can mean you're not always in the right frame of mind to be a social butterfly, this is especially true if you have a more introverted nature and like to keep interactions on the small side. As I'm usually in my own company there are always a few essentials needed to fend off a potential (unwanted) conversation. What is in your anti-social arsenal?

The Perfect Bag

A real necessity needed for not only carrying all the essentials but can be used as a vehicle for your own personal style - this can make you more comfortable in your current environment. For a more put together vibe and smarter occasions I'll use my favourite Zara Yellow Crossbody Bag but for running errands around town a simple tote bag (like this Lazy Oaf number found on ASOS) can cover all basis. 


These are fundamental when you're trying to avoid people and in this case size can make all the difference. Little in ear headphones are really portable and easy to hide in your bag for any surprise journeys alone however bigger over the ear headphones (like these wireless ones from Amazon) can signal that you're really not interested in a casual chinwag and are seriously plugged in to the day's mission.

Keys & Trinkets

Although incredibly mundane, these items are an important element plus everyone normally has some kind of house keys about them, they can surprisingly help with social situations which can be an anxious affair. For me a symptom of impending anxiety is that my hands start to feel (for lack of a better word) like they have pins and needles and in this instance it's best to have something to hand that reminds you of a happy safe place. Keys can be a good option as their cold, metallic, sharp edges can keep you distracted or to put your focus on. Personal trinkets can come in any shape of form but as long as they're positive. Although make sure it's safe as something so meaningful could be a bit sore when it's lost, there are a whole range of reasons why an items can disappear from your bag.

Comfy Shoes

It's always a winner when you can walk in comfort without the fear of a squished foot or blisters and it can make adventures that much more positive, comforting shoes that fully support your feet can allow you to make a quick exit not only from awkward conversations but from the till when you've spent far too much in your favourite shop(s).

Stand Out Jewellery Pieces

Even if you feel your outfit is seriously lacking in the style stakes one sure fire way to bring it together are the accessories you pair with it. Personal style can be extended through jewellery, as they can accentuate your outfit. With my own style I prefer more simplistic and elegant designs like those from Oh My Clumsy Heart with one off quirky pieces.

A Bottle Of Water

A factor in stress can be how dehydrated you are, this means when you have to venture and talk to someone there’s a chance you’ll be unresponsive or short. Keeping a bottle of water beside you can allow you to stay refreshed but also serve as an item to hold when you need to mentally steady yourself. Also having it handy can give you something you can use a shield when someone finally catches you for a chat.

A Great Playlist

Music is a good way to transport you away from people and the everyday sounds of the city – the hustle and bustle. Music is a great friend and influencer on your mood, a happier playlist can make adventures even sociable ones a little more bearable.

What is in your anti-social kit?

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