Taking The Chill Off In The Autumnal Months

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The Winter months are fast approaching and even though we're in Autumn I'm one of those people who is permanently on the chilly side so despite the air-con still in use at the office, the breeze and the dropping degrees outside there are a few ways to hold on to that beloved warmth. How do you keep in the heat despite the fact we're in the later stages of the year?

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Dressing Gowns Are Your Best Friend

Say hello to an incredible item that can be affordable but suitable for nearly all occasions, for lots of us dressing gowns are an all year round thing but for some September on wards is the perfect excuse to invest in a thicker type of fabric so you can snuggle with all the heat. Walking round the house like I'm a 60 year old lady with dressing gown, slippers and scarf in tow is a common occurrence. This item can be a complete panacea and can be useful for:

  - taking the chill off the morning rush to the bathroom

  - when you're poorly 

  - when you're feeling low

  - just got in from work

  - need a cosy day in your pjs

  - need to cover up in a hurry when you're not dressed

  - when you just want to hide away


Be Where The Food Is Cooked

They say the heart of the home is the kitchen, this is also where the heat is. When preparing or cooking food it can be good to stick around to soak up any and all degrees, even better if for example you can leave the oven door open when it's turned off whilst you're serving food so that residual heat can be yours without any extra charge to the household bills.

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Always Carry A Scarf

Another Swiss army knife of the clothing world is the understated essential of the scarf, the perpetual neck warmer, shawl, snazzy outfit accessory and handy cover for occasional period leaks is a necessity to any bag. Although it can take up room in your bag, a real commodity when you're on the go, it's a worthy companion to your daily activities. As I currently work in an office plus happen to be sat right under the air-con so trying to stay warm can be tough especially if your productivity is linked to your body temperature, I may look an idiot with all the layers wrapped around me but I believe in being prepared so I can have no excuse to work like a trooper.

Don't Be Afraid Of Layers

As I'm a naturally nesh person I'm prone to investing in cardigans or jumpers and whilst others are still trying to brave the cold, the later it gets in the year the more I meet my goal of resembling the Michelin Man. Some folks don't like the thought of not looking quite as fashionable when it comes to dressing warmer as that balance of heat and style can be a precarious on that normally favours one of the other however there are some great alternatives out there including unobtrusive simple layers to go underneath your brilliant choice in outfit. However it's good to remember you can be a squishy marshmellow if you want but also more layers means they can be removed when you get too hot but also more choices in terms of your wardrobe. 

Other Little Tips Include:

  - Hide your pjs in your bed so when you come home there's no chill

  - Take a quick twirl in the shower to warm up

  - Put your clothes on the radiator & get changed near it

  - Use draft excluders // pool noodles // foam rolls to block any cold air entering the room

  - Put thin blankets on top of your thick duvet to hold in the degrees

  - Hide hand warmers in your coats

  - Shut the curtains

  - Buy a higher tog for your duvet

How do you stay warm when the colder weather hits?

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