Styling The Midi Skirt

For me style is important for not only as a form of self expression but it can also give you a boost of confidence when you may not necessarily be feeling your best, an item that represents this is the midi skirt. I'm usually found gallivanting in leggings and an oversized shirt but when the heat kicks in I find it the perfect excuse to switch things up a little bit to prevent falling into a complete style rut. How do you style the mid skirt? What your favourite summer staples?

Whether it's because I'm getting older or I'm not nearly as tiny as I used to be but I find myself revealing less and less skin, so when the summer scorch says hello a longer option of skirt is my usual go to item. I've been a complete sucker for the Midi for a number of years and I thought it time to sing its praises. There are so many good reasons why everyone should have a midi skirt in their wardrobe:

#01 || They can still look good year in & year out, mine are currently in their 3rd year of rotation but more are welcome

#02 || They're incredibly flattering for most shapes & sizes

#03 || The right skirt can give you a real confidence injection when you're not feeling on top of the world

#04 || They come in all kinds of styles, colours & fabrics that can be dressed up or down

#05 || They can hide that bloated or bigger stomach you're not quite ready to put on display with tighter clothes

#06 || The thought of accidentally showing your behind will be further from your mind (except maybe when the wind gets up and you'll have a Marilyn Monroe moment without the glamour)

#07 || They can make you feel like a real lady with all the swishy fabric to play with, they can be breathable and light or heavier in weight

#08 || They can work with a range of accessories & style options, usually you can create effortless looks without a lot of fuss

#09 || They can last for multiple seasons even the colder months

#10 ||  If you're not a fan of shaving you'll only have to do the bottom half of your legs, which is good if you can't be bothered on the day

Outfit Ideas:

Lingerie // Clutch Bag // Stripe Skirt // Chelsea Boots // Strap Top

How do you style the midi skirt?

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