Some Pro & Cons Of Dressing Minimally

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There are a whole host of different types of style, even more so when considering things on a more personal basis. Although not the most adventurous I prefer a more monochromatic, minimal way of dressing, it may seem simplistic in terms of fashion but there are some positives (and cons) to wearing more subtle items of clothing. Here's a list of reasons why I choose a less flashy approach in the 'style' stakes. How would you define your sense of style and why you like it o much?

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+ Your wardrobe generally works together making mornings a little easier, especially if you have a colour palette to stick to

+ Shapes & textures can become the star item in your ensemble 

+ Minimal outfits can be easily dressed up or down depending on your needs for the day

+ Less is more, like a lot of things in life sometimes not having all the choice in your wardrobe can be good 

+ Your outfit can sing for itself without needing a big fanfare

+ / - Creativity can come in waves, in terms of having a minimal wardrobe means you can experiment & know what works but it can come with a double edged sword in that sometimes you can feel a little uninspired




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- Every once in a while especially if you're choosing the same items again & caught in a style rut it can seem a little repeatitive

- A minimal wardrobe may not always sit well with your work persona, environment or schedule, working 5 days a week makes being truly minimal in your lifestyle choice a little harder as wearing the same outfit twice in one week is a little socially unacceptable in a busy office. Plus work often requires a uniform that doesn't always match your actual style.


Do you prescribe to one type of style? Or are you more eclectic in what you choose to wear?

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