Some Of My Summer Style Menu

Some Of My Summer Style Menu

Style is something I've started to play with again although I don't keep up with the latest news in terms of fashion, personal style is an aspect that can be really important to projecting yourself. I'd define my own personal style as minimal, with simple lines and an emphasis on comfort but of late I've been trying to incorporate more elements of colour in a way that doesn't overshadow my likes. Here are some of my recent favourite outfits some for indoor activities and some for outside adventures (especially when dealing with our mercurial summer weather). What have you been wearing?

Oversized Check Shirt  //  Pen  //  Sports Bra  //  Shorts  //  Bracelets  //  Camera

Heels  //  'Party Ring' Pin  //  Choker  //  Bralet  //  Tote Bag  //  Stripe Dress

What have you been wearing just recently?

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