Instant Pick Me Ups For Productivity

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The new year and the month of January both bring a sense of beginnings or fresh possibilities but with the dark mornings and colder temperatures still around for a while yet it's even more important to relish those little pick me ups that can help your day. If like me your motivation and energy levels can take a significant dip around this time of year, bye sunlight, then it's good to have those reliable ways to better your mood especially if you're wanting some much needed productivity or if you have the afternoon slump. How do you turn around a bad day into something a little happier and hopefully gives you more output?

A few ways I like to boost my productivity:

 - Give yourself a fresh manicure

 - Have a twirl in the hot shower or wash your face with warm water

 - Write your to do list & find pleasure in ticking it off

 - Start a creative project or do little arty things for 10 - 30 mins

 - Brush Your luscious locks

 - Change into practical but comfy clothes (not pjs though)

 - Play your upbeat / loud playlist

 - If your not feeling a gym session do some star jumps to get the blood pumping

 - Get a quick snack

 - Update your inspiration mood board with powerful quotes & imagery

 - Have a quick tidying blitz of your working space (even your emails)

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& Some Guilty Pleasures For These Colder Months

 - Carbs ! Carbs ! Carbs !

 - Film & TV nights snuggled under a blanket

 - All the layers & comfy jumpers

 - Sleeping in a little later

 - Dancing under a hot shower


How do you get your energy levels up again?


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