Some Funny / Annoying Things About Photography

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Photography like many subjects has its many great and wonderful qualities to enjoy but ... every so often you'll encounter one of those moments that can be annoying or funny or even both and it can put a stopper to your work. Like any art discipline it's about passion and exploration but you still get a few 'whoops' moments so as a creative these are some of the frustrating or embarrassing or quite frankly ridiculous things you find when trying to make your work flow. This is an entirely tongue in cheek post that highlights not everything is as straight forward as it should be. Regardless of how you capture or make what to you grumble about especially in a half-hearted way? 

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#01 || Those awkward bent double runs people do underneath the lens, across your image so not to be in frame - I still see you

#02 || When a button on your shirt gets caught on your camera strap and you're casually showing everyone your cleavage

#03 || Accidentally forgetting about the lens cap and finding out when your perfect shot has passed

#04 || Receiving odd sometimes judgmental looks when you're out in a some public places with your camera, I am a law abiding citizen I promise

#05 || “Amazing photo! You must have a great camera!” - Oh so it's not the talented person behind it who did the lion's share of the work, ok then

#06 || Never, ever having great photographs of ourselves. Candid ones are a no go because we're the ones who capture everyone else, trying to direct someone else to take your photo is incredibly stressful and it takes at least 3 big attempts to get your own decent self portrait

#07 || Trying to take a natural, candid image of folks and them giving you the biggest, cheesiest grin they can muster or just stare at you

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#08 || Wanting to not have a neck because of the ache you get when working with your heavy camera baby and the camera strap for hours on end

#09 || Trying to take a rather serious artsy photo of something and some joker will photobomb your image with a body part or jump into frame

#10 || Forgetting to charge your battery or bringing a spare and it runs out half way through a job - meep

#11 || 'Isn't everyone a photographer now a days? / Anyone could take that', yes anyone and everyone has the ability to create something amazing and a lot do by making all sorts of wonderful things but if you could be a little less condescending about a subject that many (myself included) have a passion for that would be smashing

#12 || Photography cliches that should fade: Top 3

- The one colourful item when the rest is black and white / selective colour

- Constant use of vintage Iphone apps

- All photos with the 'Dutch Tilt' / Super crooked


As a photographer or any kind of creative what little niggles do you have?

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