Some Of My Favourite Ways To Unwind

At the end of the day we all like to come home and allow the stress from past few hours to melt away, people relax in all manner of different ways - some by more active means and others with slightly calmer activities. I thought I'd put together a post discussing some of my most loved ways to unwind. How do you relax away from the angst, negativity and hassle of your busy life? Or how do you want to to off a great day?

Tidying (& Music)

Although this may sound incredibly mundane, I oddly find it really relaxing to work my way through a messy room but it can be really intimidating and anxiety inducing to begin with. With the accompaniment of a bouncy music playlist (which is another big influencer for my mood) or a fun podcast like my ultimate choice that is The Ricky Gervais Show, it's an older show that includes many pointless chats but it never fails to put a smile on my face thanks to the talents of Stephen Merchant, RIcky Gervais and Karl Pilkington - I also frequently go back to the tv show that was made from which is just as entertaining. I'll be the first to admit that I don't keep things as pristine or minimalist as I have a small space and a whole lot of personal trinkets to display but that being said mess can be a great element of stress and distraction. If your living and / or working space isn't how you like it then it can mean your mind may not be wholly focused on the task at hand. Part of my bedtime routine includes a half an hour tidy of the room without the necessity of a screen as it can really disrupt your sleep in the long run.

Watching Films

One pastime that has stuck with me since my childhood is a love of films and the whole experience that can be created around it. Settling down with your duvet with snacks or making an occasion of it with a visit to the cinema (with or without your favourite people). Be it any genre such as action, drama, musical, comedy and anime I'm a truely smitten kitten for this type of media. It could be due to the fact that it has the power to transport you somewhere else - it's pure escapism without breaking the bank but it can also give you an easy bit of company if you still want to be productive without the silence.

Listening To The Rain

As the weather at the moment doesn't know if it's coming or going meaning there has been a lot of grey skies and rain but that's good for me as I'm a Pluviophile - a lover of rain. It may not be the most pleasant to be caught out in it but it's incredibly soothing to watch and / or listen to the rain, to watch the world go by at a seemingly slower pace rather that the rat race we're all usually competing in.

Visiting Garden (Centres) & Country Houses

Ever since I was little my parents would often take us to visit these types of places whether they be National trust or not, it was mostly to cater to their love of history, architecture and nature but we've all come to love a day out or even a few hours spent here. Surrounding yourself without all the nature can not only be great in terms of inspiration and photography (& blog content) plus most places offer tea rooms or sometimes even more attractions personal to them. A bit of exploration is great for a curious mind and some of my favourite places to visit with my family in tow include:



What are your favourite ways to unwind?

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