Putting A Spring In Your Step

For many folks the welcoming of Spring can mean new beginnings, the return of the sun and upcoming plans for the Summer. It can feel like an in between season but it can also be the perfect time to realign with your goals, wants and address the things that could make you happy for the year ahead. Despite this Spring is also a wonderful time of year with baby animals, fresh flowers and the ability to venture out the house without 17 layers but it's great for setting your stall out for the future. Here are a few ways to put a bit more positivity in your mood ready for the new season. 

The Annual Spring Clean

Cleaning is not the most glamourous of activities but the aftermath can be so satisfying. It can feel really refreshing to not only have a clear living space but you're also giving yourself a thorough workout, it can also help reduce anxiety if you associate mess with with any stress or pressure you may be under. A Spring clean could mean anything from deep cleaning your area, decluttering your wardrobe or slimming down your make up collection.

Reassess Your Goals

It's been a few months since New Year and any resolutions you may have made but since some time has passed, the finish line for those goals may have moved - whether by your design or other outside influences. Re-evaluating where you are in terms of you needs and wants could benefit your overall month or year plan, helping you to manage what you can do in the meantime and adjust your expectations. 

Indulge In A Mini Spree

As I'm not in full time employment, me and spending can be bosom buddies but once in a while treating yourself to an item that you've fallen head over heels for can do wonders for your mood. It could be a style piece, home decor, technology or something related to fitness - a splurge can prevent you from feeling stuck in a rut and can invigorate your way of thinking. For me, my treat comes in the form of a colourful Zara bag which goes against my black monochromatic ideals but a switch up can put a new spin on potential outfits with older items.

Book Time Away

Despite the sun making a very warm return, Spring can be the time we're really craving the Summer heat and a holiday but if you can't make time to escape just yet the thought of an upcoming trip could be enough to thwart off any blues. Giving yourself something to look forward to be it a staycation in the city, a weekend away or a good week away can be a great motivation or a goal to work toward. Plus you can make a start on all the holiday planning, new wardrobe? Activities? Food? It all need to begin somewhere.

Focus On You

Occassionally you can put your mental and physical health aside for another item of business entirely. For the past week and a half my sole focus was dedicated to the blog relaunch, there were many late nights formatting and as a result many of my usual routines such as sleep, diet, skincare and exercise went right out the window. Putting emphasis on yourself can help in giving you more energy, which in turn can be beneficial in influence concepts such as your productivity, motivation, good vibes and general mood. This could mean the smallest of things from a luxurious bath, a day taking in the colours of the season, to a day spent with your loved ones or even a good night's kip.

How are you putting more Spring in your step?

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