Photography Items Worth The Money

Whether you're a blogger looking to take your imagery to the next level, an enthusiast wanting to experiment more or even a student of the subject ready to push your work further, sometimes the addition of new equipment could be the making so some potentially great, new imagery. Although equipment doesn't necessarily equate to stunning photography, it's also due to your own style and knowledge behind the technology but when you've reached a certain point it's time for an upgrade and enhance your ideas. Photography tech can come at all different price points but here are a few bits that have really helped elevate my own creativity. What photography items to do love?

#01 || External Hard Drive

Now this item is not going to help with how you physically capture your photographs but if you capture video or image files, especially if you're using the highest quality setting, you'll begin to run out of computer space pretty quickly.  Having an external hard drive can make your work more portable and easy to edit on the go but like any kind of equipment it can run the risk of giving up the ghost, meaning you'll possibly lose years' worth of work. Which would be a sad day. Depending on how much storage you want can determine how pricey they can be like this Toshiba 1TB Portable Hard Drive, it's also a good back up for your computer in general in case your system decides to crash. 

#02 || Lens

You can often tell when someone has updated their lens of choice, as there can be an evolution in style but also a difference in how subject matter is captured. Personally I still use the standard lens that came with my Nikon D5200, namely the 18-55mm model which has served me really well but I know a smaller lens like this Nikkor 35mm F1.8G Lens could make a great addition for more closeups as it can help throw the background wildly out of focus but it can be extremely expensive investment to consider. Lenses can help govern how close you can get to your item without compromising on quality, with some lenses having fixed apertures or focal lengths it means you can cater your photography kit to your needs. Depending on the type of subject matter you choose to shoot can influence what you want in a lens, for example nature photographers can use huge lenses so that they can capture a larger depth of field with good quality, high speeds without interfering with the landscape. Whereas bloggers can use smaller lenses so that they can get really close to their items and really capture the tiny details of an object. 

#03 || Photoshop & Lightroom

Another pricey option in terms of editing your imagery comes in the form of this software, you don't need the fancy pants gizmos to improve your work and there are so many other websites that are cheaper or even free. A while back I put together a blog post that explores this topic which you can find below:

That being said if you're looking for more of a sophisticated and professional system with the means to support a more industrious way of working. Whilst these big programs can seem intimidating but once you understand them they're fairly easy to use and can allow you to make editing whole batches of images faster, all in one go. Photoshop can be a lot of money to buy outright but if you're a student or wish to pay a monthly fee for the services they provide various means for this:

#04 || Remote

This is the longest surviving item in my arsenal and has even made the transition when I upgraded my camera, as I'm a near constant Nikon user a lot of their items work in conjunction with each other. It's a nifty, small object that can make self portraits and images in general easier to take. Even if you're using a tripod there is still the tiny chance of camera shake so this hands free remote eliminates that. It's portable, light and the battery (but there are remotes with a connecting cord) can last for years depending on how much use you get from it.

#05 || Tripod

Something that has really helped elevate my work just recently is finally repurchasing a tripod, after a few years of not using one I forgot how versatile it can be for your photography. Not only can it steady your camera in general but it helps when you have to turn the lens onto yourself or need those big flat lays, it can help you control the angle and give support when you can't for example when you need a really long shutter speed and don't want camera shake.

#06 || Wireless Adapter

The newest addition to my collection of gadgets is physically the smallest and for its price can seem really expensive but what it allows you to do can open up your work to more possibilities. This object plugs into your camera body and can wirelessly help you to share with your phone so that you take photos and also transfer taken pictures which can be handy when wanting to share your social media on the go. Using your phone as a viewfinder be really helpful when you want to figure out the best angle for the job, that's good for flattering portraits. For me it's now established a link between my computer, camera and mobile devices which I never had. I've said hello to a slightly reworked style and a more concerted effort in how I capture my ideas. 

What photography items do you think are worth it?

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