Photography Essentials For The A/W Months

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The weather in the UK seems to have fallen a little further in terms of degrees to match the Winter season and whilst this time of year has the ability to give us some stunning photographic opportunities but going out in it can be a little tougher and even worse when you're not prepared. Trying to stay warm whilst creating stunning imagery can be a difficult balancing act to juggle, with sometimes limbs having to brave the cold for the perfect shot. Here are a few of some of my much needed essentials for colder weather photographic shooting?

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Fingerless Gloves

Finding the perfect balance between fabric sausage fingers and having icicles at the end of your arm can be difficult which is very dependent on how you physically handle your camera but it's a big consideration when you have to venture outside for creative endeavours and explore different camera settings. The most affordable option for this conundrum comes in the form of Primark that offer a range of gloves but I chose cheap and cheerful finger-less gloves that can transform into mittens, they may seem childish at times but any help in giving respite from the chill is a welcome addition to my photographic arsenal. There are also touch screen gloves available but on occasion I don't always find them as responsive as I'd like but if you're wanting a more industrial version of gloves for baltic temperatures that are thicker and even have thumb/ finger fingerless capabilities.

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Waterproof Boots

When it comes to tramping round in the Autumn / Winter weather conditions you can sometimes fail to take full advantage of what is on offer because your feet have turned to blocks of ice and you hear warmth and the comforts of home calling (hello! slippers and pjs) which is understandable, so insuring you leave the house with waterproof but comfy shoes / boots is a complete necessity. It's rare for me (a perpetually cold hermit who likes duvet days far too much) to truly splurge on fashion but when it comes to the thought of snow or should I say for the UK: rain and slush, I'm willing to spend a little more to look after my tootsies however I'm yet to find my holy grail of photographic boots but for now I've been wearing Primark Boots & Office Dessert Boots

Weather Apps

One of the most influential technological bits within my kit includes a weather app, it can help you plans your outings in advance be it for creative, work or any general purposes and on occasion it can help call off play and encourage a day inside hopefully being a productive gent or lady. Despite the prospect of bad weather it can actually produce some breathtaking results, for example going out just after the rain stopped to photograph some aspects of nature can be magical and create work you'll be proud of. There are some more in-depth apps available that can measure the day's light that and cost a few pounds but for me I'm fine stick with the trusty BBC app and does all I want. 

Tripod (& Remote)


The colder months bring with it some stunning scenery and colours to boot but as the light isn't always as abundant when compared to the warmer seasons which means it may be more common place to use for example higher ISOs and slower shutter speeds to get the desired effects we want and help counteract the lack of light. Although not always the most handy pieces of equipment but a tripod gives you a steady base and there will be less occurrence of the dreaded camera shake. To eliminate this percentage of camera shake further you could use a remote that connects to your camera either by wire or wirelessly, my trusty ol' faithful model has been with me for 10 years and is battery powered. Tripods can be incredibly portable and come in all shapes and sizes but it's important to find one that suits your needs but can comfortably take the weight of your camera baby, some can be fairly expensive but once again it's all down to how you use it and how often it comes out of it's cover. Both my smaller and bigger models were reasonably prices options from Amazon.

Hat & Scarves

Although not ultimate essentials depending on how hot or cold you are naturally, it's good to have these near you so if the weather decided to bring some bitter winds or bad rain your way you're fully prepared to wrap yourself in all the layers for protection. There are so many affordable options out there in a whole range of colours to suit you and your taste in colour palette but instead of updating my wardrobe every year my items are now a few years old.

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What are some of your A/W photographic essentials?


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