Over Looked Beauty Loves

The beauty world is huge and possibly a lot bigger than my little ol' brain can comprehend and whilst it can produce some lust worthy items with stunning packaging to boot however I'm all for those products that don't always receive the love they deserve. This is a celebration of those overlooked beauty heroes that need a shout out, they may not be 'pretty' but they are true necessities. What are some of your under loved essentials?

Nail Scissors / Clippers

Although I generally prefer longer nails for my finger tips I can't lie that having some nail scissors nearby is a saviour when managing broken or uneven lengths. They can tidy up the feet and hands areas without any effort before the polish goes on. 


One item that I've noticed that is sometimes lacking from beauty content is a good razor, it's almost like a swiss army tool in regards to personal grooming. It can make us feel clean and spruced up even if we have no where special to be. For preference, although expensive, my favourite is the Gillette Venus Breeze Razor coupled with either the their accompanying heads or the Venus & Olay Women's razor heads. Gillette know their stuff when it comes to great shave.

Toothbrush & Paste

Within the beauty world the subject of teeth is mostly over shadowed by the vast array of make up related items but brushing your teeth is not only about looks but it's about health. The condition of your teeth can help signify not only medical issues but affect your confidence in a big way, meaning we should shout about the beneficial properties of a good toothbrush and paste pairing. For my own gnashers I prefer an Oral-B electric toothbrushes with Colgate and Listerine as my daily mouthwash. 

Bobby Pins

My all time hero in terms of beauty are the classic bobby pins, they can hide a multitude of hair sins with a good style. They can give the illusion that you've tamed your luxurious locks just by pinning any strands or bumps with these. They can be picked up at nearly every supermarket or beauty retailer and can come in a variety of colours, for me I prefer the light tan / golden colour as I have almost wheat coloured hair - black would be too stark a contrast. I didn't realise that I had been using bobby pins wrong all my life up until about 2-3 years as identified in the left image.


Which are your underdog beauty heroes?

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