Online Content To Love #01

The online world is huge, in fact using the word 'huge' is an understatement, meaning we can get stuck in our small corner of the internet and not venture out of it to find new inspiration but sometimes it's good to source out new bloggers and youtube channels to fall in love with. As a creator I'm all for singing the praises of others, not only does it celebrate fellow influencers in the field but it can also put any potential audience in touch with more great reads and it's a way to show what I've been reading this month. Here are some amazing bloggers and youtubers that I'm currently loving, where are your favourite online spaces to escape to? 

Blog Posts

Atlas Magazine - This purely digital magazine is a place to showcase future fashion / photographers creatives and boasts so much talent that nearly every day there is a feature dedicated to different styles. Although not every photo shoot will be to your personal taste, I appreciate the collaborations, textures, shapes and makeup used int he imagery - as a lover of photography it's a brilliant resource and gives you a mini appreciation for the day. A personal highlight was Lucy Rooney and her Form editorial, it's soft, minimal and elegant but the site features so many unique aesthetics that there could be other options for you and your inspiration (whether you're an artist of any kind or just someone who enjoys it as an observer).

DIgital Photography School - Photography is one of my all time loves and sometimes I want to keep up on the latest technical reviews or general advice and a blog I found early last year is DPS which also happens to be a serious influence in terms of potential blogging ideas. There are so many different types of articles some with a more serious tone and others which are slightly more tongue in cheek such as Some Annoying Things About Photography And Cameras. They also produce weekly photographic challenges that use a key word to explore, there's also beginners tips, technical break downs, online courses and post processing advice. 

Hannah Gale - Blogging can be a tough nut to crack especially if you're wanting to work more with brands or if you're contemplating charging more for your efforts, Hannah has put together a guide into the whole topic of sponsored content: from knowing when to say no, building relationships and actually collaborating. Her post on How To Create Great Sponsored Content is a fun, in depth read with a few behind the scenes insights.

Olivia Bossert - This is one really talented lady who has created her own wedding and fashion photography business from the ground up which makes her a really inspirational person to follow. Olivia captures her own imagery for both her clients and herself (as a brand)  but one photo shoot I'm head over heels for is her The Lovers Of Zennor, an editorial based around a runaway couple like a modern Romeo and Juliet. Set in Cornwall there is stunning landscapes, a muted colour palette and a bit of romanticism to tempt you. 

The Private Life Of A Girl - In terms of minimalism Sophie is a leading lady on the scene and I've adored not only her jewellery brand but her personal website too, coupled with her clean aesthetic and knowledgeable information makes me automatically click whenever I see a new post pop up onto my screen. Sophie's personal blog covers so many topics from minimal style, home decor, simple living to name just a few, 2 great posts include Spring 10x10 Challenge Review and Low Maintenance Houseplants -  I''m always inspired by her creativity.

Wear Daisy Went - As a lover of home decor I'm all for finding new places to obsess over or should I more accurately say add beautiful products to my wishlist then weep because there's no funds for this pauper. Daisy breaks down some of the most lust worthy shops to spend your money in including some like Oliver Bonas, Anthropologie and Desenio in her blog post Places To Buy Dreamy Homeware.

What Olivia Did - One of my all time favourite creators is Liv Purvis, from her photography, to collaborations and effortless style - she has it all. Some of the latest content I feel in love with is a style post featuring a more dressed down outfit in To The Market, it's fresh without being over the top. If you want lifestyle snippet coupled with a great sense of personal style, Liv is a must.


Ali Gordon - In general I tend not to follow many male youtubers just because their areas of interest like grooming or style aren't usually for me but after following Lydia Elise Millen (a stunning blogger & youtuber in her own right) and her vlogs featuring her said partner make them quite the double act. Despite both catering to a more high end lifestyle with products and clothes to go with it, they're really relatable and down to earth in their own way. You can really tell when someone is trying to up their game and Ali has done that in the videos which have made them stand out amongst the crowd this month: Smoke Grenades To A&E and Maldives Pure Paradise.

The Michalaks - This is one of my first youtube follows and I never fail to watch their latest weekly vlog, it follows the Michalak family which comprises of Stef, Hannah, Grayson and soon to be mini munchkin. Their videos are beautiful to watch as not only do they have a great photographic aesthetic, topical issues and daily adventures; my favourite one to date documents their move to new to Bath (found here in Our New Home) and the next step in their journey. It's a wonderful bit of escapism and perfect for a lunch time break.

The Best Blog Bits Of The Month

As a blogger it can be a little bit intimidating to put yourself out there for the world to see but just recently there have been some posts that I've really enjoyed putting together just for myself, let alone for an audience and I thought I'd share a few:

Who are you favoruite bloggers or youtubers?

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